Kingdom Hearts series producer is "undecided" on native Nintendo Switch ports

Square Enix remains "undecided" on whether or not it will bring native ports of the main Kingdom Hearts trilogy to Nintendo Switch.

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GoodGuy0950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Just make 1.5, 2.5, and dream drop native which the switch is clearly able to run. 3 and 0.2 can be cloud. Storage is such an obviously bad excuse for old games.

Lexreborn249d ago

You guys want them to spend a lot of money that there’s no guarantee on a proper return for. It cost man hours for them to port those games over to the switch. Man hours they already poured into several other consoles and time.

They can get a cloud version out in a couple of months for switch. But, if they go to localize they could take from 1-2 years to do and cost several million. And then with their luck the switch will be replaced with a brand new system that doesn’t even take switch cartridges.

The hype would’ve passed and they wasted precious R&D on a version that only makes a couple thousand happy. Sometimes people need to actually understand the business sides perspective. And considering you can get these games literally everywhere else. This is full on fan entitlement for port begging.