Why PlayStation Plus needs to evolve

After months of disappointment, gamers are demanding more from the PlayStation Plus service. Here's a few ways that Sony could improve it.

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Community96d ago
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Magog97d ago

Wrong. It's the best value in gaming. If you have a PS5 you're getting game great unique titles and 2 PS4 games as well every month for a couple dollars.

darthv7297d ago

It would be even better if they let you keep the older games. Esp ones from the old days of psp and vita.

SullysCigar97d ago

This article just seems like an odd take though, especially given it's already confirmed that in November we're getting the usual quota of games AND 3 additional PSVR games.

That's pretty good going if you ask me.

Magog97d ago

You do get to keep them as long as you keep your subscription which is the best value in gaming so why would you cancel it?

jukins96d ago

What do you mean let you keep? Likw if you sub runs out? Because you definetly do kwep all past games that were on the service main reason ive kept my vita cause have so many games to play from all those yeara

S2Killinit96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I think xbox doesnt let you keep them as they leave the store. Plus doesnt do that. So far as I know.

darthv7296d ago

I guess none of y'all have ever let your sub lapse or decide to no longer be a + member. The games you have will no longer function. So the idea is to remain a member (like Magog said). I just wished Sony would let you keep the older ones with no strings attached. Like they do from time to time with other titles (R&C and Horizon for example).

Taero96d ago

They most likely don't allow you to keep the games when not subscribed to stop people just subscribing for a month, grabbing a game they want then quitting until there's another game they want months later. If everyone did that then I imagine revenue would drop like a rock and they'd have a harder time paying out for the games they put on the service.

Yes obviously it would be nice to be able to do that as a gamer, but as a company you can see why they don't.

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Docmortem96d ago

What is this based on? I mean the "best value in gaming"(marketing slogan much?). I do have ps plus, but honestly I play more games on game pass lately as they are far more recent. Most games on ps plus I already own or do not care about. If it was not mandatory for online play, I would have canceled ps plus already.
When it comes to best value ... I would say Humble Bundle is far better. Sure many of the games are indie games. But you get to keep them forever even without sub and once in a while there are some real gems in the bundles.

demonseye96d ago

what comparing it to the humble bundle that's a new one. and game pas you cant compare to ps now. which I would agree on game pass is better. but PlayStation plus can only be compared to Xbox Live. they are the most similar. but Game Pass in my opinion is for the more casual player. and the question is how long will they invest into it. and in the long run is it going to harm game development because they probably be working on a lower budget when the investments stop.

343_Guilty_Spark96d ago

How is GamePass for more casual player? It caters to all players.

instantstupor96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

@demonseye He can compare it because he didn't say "best value for console-subscriptions-that-are -required-for-online-and-also- include-montly-game-rentals ", but rather "best value in gaming". It's something I've argued for in discussions about best value in gaming, but I always concede it'll be different for everyone due to what their preferences/priorities are. It's why we have choices, beautiful, beautiful choices!

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DigitalDaniel96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Best value in gaming ?
No, not even by a long shot. Is it better than Xbox Live Gold ? Yes, easily.
But better than Game Pass ? Not a chance.

I've been on Playstation since PS1 (or PSX as we used to say), so this is not about console A vs console B.
I couldn't care less. I play on all platforms and always done that. So, being at neutral ground it's easy to gage which services provides me the better value.

PS Plus is not remotely close to XGP in terms of best value. If anything, the best one of them all I guess would be Epic games when you look at what they have given out for free, without any need for subscription and you keep the games forever. If you just look at the games and forget that their launcher/store is terrible.

GoodGuy0996d ago

Psplus mostly just gives out random indies and old titles everybodys played that you can get for $5-$10 in sales. Ive been subscribed just to play online for years. Sure I grab the "freebies" but rarely ever touch any. Last Ive played was probably fall guys. And if its the "best" deal in gaming then why are people always disappointed in almost every month's offers lol. I wish we had the option just to pay $20/year for being able to play online.

Im not a gamepass subber but its quite clear gamepass's game offers are much more superior. It includes just released AAA games, some that are still relatively new, ea play, and mcsfts first party will be there day 1 and forever. Not a subscription fan as Im a buy what i want and keep forever guy.

Magog96d ago

Totally false. PS5 has gotten a new release game every month since launch.

Silly gameAr96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Now, here's somebody that obviously doesn't have ps plus, and doesn't know what he's talking about, but pretending he does to make one service look better than another.

Teflon0296d ago

PS users disappointed every month? This year's been fantastic for plus. Also ps5 owners get 20 of some of the best ps4 games additionally at no extra charge. It's fantastic. Gamepass is alot more expensive ultimately outside the promo periods. 10 years of plus vs 10 years of XGP also shows the value in a different way. Example. I can play 10 years worth of plus titles, from ps3, to vita, ps4 and ps5. The amount of games I have available don't expire in the sense that xgp games get removed if they're not MS titles. Because if that, the value of xgp for someone like me makes no sense. I don't mind keeping the sub if I can keep playing the games. But that's not exactly how it works. I got plenty that I've had for years on all my consoles without having to worry about it past paying for my sub

ocelot0796d ago

I wouldn't say PS+ is best value in gaming. It's good value don't get me wrong but not best. Best goes to PS Now in my honest opinion. But it depends on how much you pay for it.

Past 2 years during the days of play sale I have gotten 12 months PS Now for £25 for a year. Selection of 700+ games PS2 and PS4 not a bad rental service. If I was on a budget and couldn't afford new games. Then PS Now would be my go to service.

Petebloodyonion96d ago

Don't get me wrong, I do think that PS+ is a great value for the asking price but I would love to remind you that Epic Games is giving you around 4to 8 games (yours to keep) per month at the insane price of 0$.
Now that's what I would call the best value for your buck.

96d ago
Sayai jin96d ago

It's a great service, but not the best value in gaming for sure IMO. Even if it were the best, they shouldn't rest on their laurels. Anything can evolve and get better.

HansyJ96d ago

I wouldn’t call it the best value in gaming. The best value in Game is very likely gamepass but nonetheless what I would say is that this article is stupid because the only people that need to evolve is stupid Nintendo and their abhorrent online features and pricing now with the expansion coming soon

MightyHealthy96d ago

How so?
Its a pay wall for online gaming.
Sometimes they'll give you good monthly titles to play, but certainly not every month.
How could you call that the best value in gaming?

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Silly gameAr97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Have you seen what Nintendo is trying to do? You need to do an article on that. This article feels like deflection.

Seraphim96d ago

that was my first thought. They come with this bs article right after Nintendo announced the pricing for the Online+ Expansion Pass..... seriously, gtfo

Army_of_Darkness95d ago

Nintendo can do no wrong! No wrong I tells Ya! The new switch oled is literally $50 cheaper than the ps5 digital because it got a bigger and better screen with games priced at current gen levels of $80 CND a pop! For last gen Hardware! Wtf?! And nobody has any issues with that but were fussing about ps5 games costing $10 more?!

GhostofHorizon96d ago

Why write an article about Switch's terrible online service if nobody will click on it? We know how popular Switch/Nintendo articles are on here. If we assume it's same for websites that these articles go on, it might just be a waste of their time.

That ad revenue isn't going to get itself.

Lightning7796d ago

Which is great for Nintendo so they can get away with it. Less ppl talking, less outcry. Plus Nintendo fans are casual gamers so they don't see nor care when Nintendo over prices their fans.

Sayai jin96d ago

@Silly, absolutely correct.

isarai97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I stopped reading at "Gamepass" PS+ competes with XBL Gold not gamepass, different services. If you wanted to compare Gamepass, PS Now is sony's answer, not even gonna get into which is better or not, just saying stop comparing apples to oranges.

Also while i STILL dont agree with online multiplayer behind a paywall, i always feel like i more than get my money's worth by the end of the year, especially if you take Sony's constant sales which get pretty crazy at times.

Snakeeater2596d ago

Ps+ could pick better monthly games and twice a year AAA exclusive games.

MIDGETonSTILTS1796d ago (Edited 96d ago )

PS+ has great free games. He’ll Let Loose, Control, and Predator we’re all great giveaways. And we get 3-4 AAA exclusives a year, not that that has anything to do with ps+

96d ago
Kurt Russell96d ago

The moment someone says "I am not renewing my subscription service for PSN this month because I am playing Gamespass instead" it is competing.

It's competing.


One is for online gaming, another is a subscription service. They serve different needs, so they are not competing.

Kurt Russell95d ago

I know the differences MIDGET, but I stand by what I say... they're all lobbying for the same wallets.

DeusFever96d ago

The article is really saying that PS+ should cost $15 like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. No thanks. I’m quite happy with my PS+ collection for $5 a month.

dbcoops96d ago (Edited 96d ago ) huh? Take the "yr" out of the name and I think we've figured out what this site is all about.

Unknown_Gamer579496d ago

A site called actually sounds like it would be more interesting. At the very least the authors of anything on such a site probably wouldn't take anything they write too seriously, and would probably just have fun with everything they post.

GhostofHorizon96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

"Journalism" 101, Playstation generates a lot more interest than Xbox according to people that disclosed this data before (one of those is the guy that did the heat exhaust test, the amount of clicks he gets for a Playstation video was way higher than Xbox.)

Then the second part of the equation is that the negative news will always generate more clicks, comments and controversy.

Unknown_Gamer579496d ago

I for one very much prefer Plus to Switch Online. Where are the articles about how Nintendo is charging an extra $30/month to play a handful of N64 games? I suppose there are Genesis games too, but virtually all of them seem to be games that can easily be acquired in other ways, making them all the more baffling as a supposed incentive to pay for that "add-on". Please tell me how Plus is worse than that.

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