PlayStation Store on PS5 Adds Helpful New Feature

The PlayStation Store on PlayStation 5 has received a surprising new update that many owners of the next-gen console may not have noticed. Although this update isn't a massive one by any means, it does bring about a new feature that will make it all the easier to purchase games through the storefront, especially for titles that have just launched.

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Silly gameAr416d ago

Wow. I've seen people say it, but it seems like sites really are using Playstation for their articles because it generates more clicks than anything else. Was an article really needed for this?

Sometimes I hate that Sony is so damn quiet, because you get articles like this, or "PS Plus Needs To Evole", just useless articles. Is Xbox really that boring that you have to be hyperbolic with your PS headlines to get clicks?

slayernz416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

well it got a click out of me! and plenty of others im sure lol

GhostofHorizon416d ago

It's great that they put it in there but it really should have been there from the start. I guess now indies won't be able to complain about exposure though, time to step up their game because now they'll be side by side with big games and dozens of other indie games released weekly.

eaze2013416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

I am surprised this wasn't there before, I thought it was.

GhostofHorizon416d ago

They used to just put then in the new games section but bigger games would float to the top so an indie game that was just released might be on the page 3 while the bigger titles released a couple weeks ago were on page 1.

Metabeard416d ago

Can we get a DEMOs section please!

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