2021 Video Games That Scored Higher Than They Should Have

COG: 2021 has been a hot year for gaming, but that doesn't mean everything has been sheer excellence. Come along as we go over the games that scored higher than they should have.

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SinisterMister49d ago

I don't see a problem with Iki Island. Pretty strange.

Nakiro49d ago

Including the Iki island, a 100% playthrough took me around 150hrs, I really don't know how anyone can complain about the length of this game. Iki Island was a great addition to the game.

Mr Pumblechook49d ago

The article has six short paragraphs split over two pages to exploit readers for that extra click revenue.

TLDR: 50% of the 'overrated' games are PS5 exclusives. The others are multi-format.

SullysCigar49d ago

^ @Mr Pumblechook, yes, these are the types of articles that are usually closed down due to 'low quality', yet here we are with N4G letting this one slide and hit top story. Curious...

neutralgamer199248d ago (Edited 48d ago )


And than we are told again and again how this site is pro PlayStation site which is ran by playstation gamers. N4G really needs to have better overall quality control of the articles admins approve because way too many sites are getting away with lazy efforts and starting fanboy arguments

TheHan48d ago

Says one of many, it’s cool not everyone agrees.

thorstein49d ago

Including a Ghost of Tsushima thumbnail on an article about overrated games means this is clickmanure.

jambola49d ago

thinking they get to decide how a game should score
that was my first clue

48d ago
NeoGamer23248d ago

I don't even know why Ghosts' Directors cut was reviewed. Makes it sound like it is a whole new game. If they wanted to review the DLC for Ghosts that is fine, but reviewing the game again, that is just stupid redundant and repetitive.

PepsivsCoke48d ago

Bastyrabbit - Why would you waste our time making a statement if you don’t even like open world games? Ghosts was one of the best games I played on the PS4 and I’m Not a fan of “time wasting open world games.”

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TheGoodestBoi49d ago

Very 💩 opinion especially because the writer scored GOT 9.5 himself

DigitalDaniel49d ago

That's kinda part of his point though. Looking back on it he's reflecting on the score and that it was probably set too high when looking at the criticisms the game faced and that he's acknowledging now.

Still, a review is just a person's opinion. If he felt it was a 9.5 for him then that's fair. Doesn't mean that others feel the same way. I'd give it around 8.5 range myself. Great gameplay, but I wasn't a fan of the protagonist and the story really didn't do it for me. But because the gameplay/graphics/music etc was good I feel it deserves to be above 8+.

Hatchetforce48d ago

Well danny that's cause he scored it for himself. If you read road and track or car and driver they don't review vehicles on the needs of their own family. They might mention it but they review vehicles for the consumer. For other people. This is just another person with an overinflated ego. I hope some of the comments here put a pin in it. Many smart gamers don't care what someone else thinks about a game. If they like it they like it. They may not tell anyone else, but they like it. Why would a smart gamer care what someone else likes when they review a game? They wanna know if they themselves, the gamer would like it. They only reason they click on some of these opinion pieces is they want info about the game. They don't actually care for some person's opinion. I get that removing your own likes and feelings from a review is way beyond the missing talent of most of these game sites. I get that these cheap sites don't have an editor that actually helps filter out opinion. Hell they don't even know how an editor works. It doesn't change the fact that an opinion piece isn't a review just because a review has some opinions in it. If gamers would stop treating them like the same thing and take a literary and no click stick to these people maybe they could change some of these site's bad habits.

ToddlerBrain49d ago

You can taste the salt in this article through the screen.

DJStotty49d ago

I had to brush the salt off my monitor before i could read it.

Shameless article.

48d ago
Darkborn49d ago

I don't see how a game that scored one thing getting a DLC and "re-release" that essentially added the duelsense support, 3D audio and Japanese lip sync is scored lower. It adds to the score if anything. It's a DLC. Not a new game. If hitman 3 added the psvr support in a $10 upgrade, should the entire game be scored lower? Iki islands also added new things that weren't in the base game and the game recently got more free multiplayer maps and a new mode. Let's rescore the game again for that too and lower the score because it's more of the same right? Plus the game itself takes over 20 hours to just play the story. I haven't finished IKI island yet and I'm a few hours in, as a fan that's fine. I don't need 30 more hours into my already 25-30 hour mainline story without all the side stuff and free multiplayer that was not advertised before the initial release.

Brazz49d ago

where is Metroid dread in this list!? 8h long side-scroller "indie game" for like $40 is ok for meta 89... but 8h long made by Nintendo for $60, realy? game is too short! at best a 85! Nintendo got classic it's "nintendo" let's give bonus points, again.

DrewMetals49d ago

I mean, Ratchet & Clank was about 9 or 10 hours and that game was $70. Sure, it had significantly more production value, but if you're just basing price/hr...

LoveSpuds49d ago

Perhaps you need to go write for COGGames, you seem to have a similar knack for nonsense opinions.

DrewMetals48d ago

It's funny you say that after I didn't even insult R&C. I loved and hit 100% completion on both games.

LoveSpuds48d ago

Sorry Drew, my comment wasn't aimed at you matey, it was aimed at Brazz.

Brazz48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

hello, i offer my respectful greetings, let see...
23 agrees and 18 disagrees... seems like my opinion makes sense for many. But that's not the point...
I say what I want dear Mr./Ms., and in my humble opinion, it is a fact that Nintendo has special treatment in the industry. A lot of the games they make today have very low production value, games that are very close to the $40 games on the 3DS and games from indies developers, but are priced like AAA games...Nintendo does it and no one says anything, they makes games that should be worth $40 and sells for $60.

Before calling me a fanboy, let me say that $70 sony games is a great anti-consumer measure and demonstrates their greed, yet they have unparalleled higher production values ​​than Nintendo and regularly discount... in this prism the "$40 sold for $60" by Nintendo is a much bigger form of greed, and it's amazing how ignored that is.

As far as metacritic scores are concerned, it's a matter of "value". Game has all the features of a " low budget short and fun $40 game" typical of the old "3DS", but is priced at $60! Clearly this detracts from the value! don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the game is bad, far from it, the game is pretty good, but it's a fact that Nintendo is being very greedy and this game should be $40!

sorry for my bad english, not native speaker here.

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zacfoldor48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

So instead of calling the article out, you try to redirect to another game, effectively doing the same thing as the article, but just to another company.

Dread is high selling, has excellent word of mouth, has 89 average metacritic after 95 critic reviews at the time of this writing, and very high user reviews as well. Some people are salty because Nintendo's games are having more success than they like. This article has absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo or Dread, but here is this, lol.

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