Video Chums Circuit Superstars Review

"Circuit Superstars is a lovely-looking old-school racer that'll appeal to those who are wanting to hone their skills within an intuitive yet deceptively challenging formula. With that in mind, it feels like the overall package is missing a few too many elements." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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DarthMarvin44d ago

Every time I see a new game like this I always get excited about a modern version of Super Off Road, and every time I'm extremely disappointed. This is no exception.

Yi-Long44d ago

“I wish the core gameplay featured more elements, too, such as power-ups or a boost system.”

I’m actually very very happy the game DOESN’T have power-ups and/or boosts. I like that it’s a purely skill-based affair.

VideoChums43d ago

Yeah, I understand. I just miss the good old days of Super Sprint and such with their oil slicks and tornadoes and things as those elements added a lot of variety on top of the basic gameplay.

- A.J.