PS4 Features That Still Need to Make Their Way to PS5

With the PS5's first anniversary fast approaching, there are still some features from the PS4 that Sony should bring to its latest console.

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isarai51d ago

I would like vrr support already

Jin_Sakai51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I’d like the ability to hold down the PS button to turn the console on or enter rest mode.

isarai51d ago

Yeah, i honestly dont like a lot about how the new home button works. I miss easily swapping between apps by double clicking. But they are slowly improving things, hopefully holding for power options is next

Neonridr51d ago

I mean we got the first half already ;)

darthv7251d ago

Well you do hold it down to turn it on. Maybe you meant off? That would be nice to have back.

LucasRuinedChildhood51d ago


The double tap is sorely missed.

51d ago
Teflon0250d ago

I don't get the complaint about holding to turn off the console. Like holding doesn't do exactly what tapping does now. Before the latest update, you pushed down and left once and you were over the option.
Before you had to hold to bring up the menu instead of tap. Also go to the option and then select. It's really no different. Makes more sense this way after a year of owning the system

Jin_Sakai50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

“Maybe you meant off?”

Yes, that’s what I meant to say. I don’t know what I was thinking.

dumahim50d ago

"The double tap is sorely missed."

Seriously. I go to the home page for whatever and as far as I know the only way back in to the game is the single press to bring up the switcher menu or go back to the home page and select the game again. You'd think they'd have a quick way back in to the game.

ABizzel150d ago

At this point Sony just needs to starting hiring OS engineers so they can have their own gaming OS without having to start over every generation. Their software is based on Linux, which should be able to keep core compatibility and just be built upon, and having a team that spends the generation brining more features, improving application compatibility, and ensuring that the OS and tools are ready to go for another generation of consoles would help them free up resources from the ICE team.

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CaptainHenry91651d ago

And Sony TVs with VRR should be on that list as well.

Teflon0250d ago

Apparently the updates have started to drop for the TVs. Not entirely sure. Just saw a article on my phones newsfeed about it last month. But didn't look into the details. So it's assumed that the PS will get in the next big update

PitbullMonster50d ago

My Sony TV got the VRR update. I'm sure the ps5 will get the update soon.

dumahim50d ago

X900h updates are rolling out, but I guess Sony is saying it isn't finalized so it may not be perfect yet. I think I saw they're planning on an update in Dec and we might get the PS5 update for it then too.

dumahim50d ago

I really don't get the downvotes about mentioning some TVs getting the VRR update. It's happening. It's a good thing.

" In statements made to FlatpanelsHD Sony warns that the first VRR firmware is not final: "VRR has not been officially released for BRAVIA TVs. You can choose the VRR mode in the TV menu, but you may experience bugs. For the smoothest experience, we recommend waiting until VRR is officially released on BRAVIA TVs later this year," said Sony. The first update will be pushed out between October 6 and 13, and the second update for VRR will arrive later this year."

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Neonridr51d ago

folders would probably be a handy one to have sooner rather than later. As my library starts to fill up with PS5 games it would be nice to sort them. I have a ton of PS4 games on an external drive, so being able to categorize them too would be cool.

darthv7251d ago

Folders would be great. I kept my disc and digital games in separate folders on my pro.

instantstupor50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Same, I had a folder for Disc, Digital, PSVR, and Demos. It felt the easiest to me to find things that way for whatever reason. The fact Switch still doesn't have folders baffles me, and I hope Sony doesn't follow suit. I still don't have a PS5 yet, but I'd love for that to be there when I finally do.

Victorcl51d ago

Dolby Atmos in apps
Dolby vision in Uhd bluray and apps
Bluray 3d player and also compatible with vr glases (I loved it in ps4 )

Bigman4k50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I would like for Sony to add all those things too but its unlikely they will come to the PlayStation 5

Sheppard7t350d ago (Edited 50d ago )

And more/better avatars would be nice 👍🏻

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