Xbox Series X|S vs Xbox One Sales Comparison - September 2021

September 2021 is the 11th month the Xbox Series X|S has been available for. In the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the Xbox Series X|S when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox One by 31,811 units. The Xbox Series X|S is currently ahead by 1.67 million units.

The Xbox Series X|S has sold 7.61 million units in 11 months, while the Xbox One sold 5.94 million units. Month 11 for the Xbox Series X|S is September 2021 and for the Xbox One is September 2014.

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Jin_Sakai42d ago

Not that impressive considering we’re talking about two consoles barely outselling One console that didn’t sell well in the first place. I’d say PS5 has sold well over 10 million at this point.

iplay1up242d ago

PS5 has 2 versions as well. The Series consoles are selling well too. Especially Series X. They have moved 1.67 million more consoles, in the same time frame, as the Xbox One launched.

The Series X is still going for well over MSRP on Amazon and Ebay. If they had more stock at MSRP, they would sell more. Just like PS5. I look a couple times a week, and never see them at MSRP.

Jin_Sakai42d ago

“If they had more stock at MSRP, they would sell more. Just like PS5.“

And if Sony had more PS5 stock it would also sell more. Its not a one way street.

HardKnockKid2442d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@Jin_Sakai But he said that, and you even quoted it. Maybe you’re reading it the wrong way?

Sayai jin42d ago


"And if Sony had more PS5 stock it would also sell more. Its not a one way street."

Same goes for the Series S/X. If MS had more stock sell, they would sell more.

InUrFoxHole42d ago

@Jin Sakai
Your response says it all my man. This is an xbox article. Sony is selling well, yeah we get that buddy. No one is taking anything away from your product. This product however is selling better than its predecessor. Now you may not particularly care for the console or its games but to try and down play a improvement is just silly.

AmUnRa41d ago

Yeah has also 2 versions of the PS5 but the hardware is exactly the same except the UHD discdrive. By the Xbox Series on the other hand......

itsmebryan41d ago

It really a this point who ever makes more will sell more since they are still so hard to come by. When production catches up then we will have a better idea how each are doing.

Kekewei41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

PS5 has indeed 2 versions, but difference is that sale of cheaper one is the apparent minor. In Japan PS5 vs PS5 digital is 5:1, while xsx vs xss 2:1.

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thesoftware73042d ago

Thanks for your PS5 sales data comment on an Xbox vs Xbox thread.

EasilyTheBest42d ago

The Xbox One sold really well in the first year it struggled after that. If Xbox Series Consoles continue to sell this well they'll easily outsell Xbox One.

41d ago
Sayai jin41d ago

Gotragofast, sold poorly? While the Xbox was massively outsold by the PS4, it did not sell poorly. It was a dissapointnebt in sales, but it did. Ot sell poorly. It didn't sell as well d it's predecessor as well, but still had decent sells. Jist look at the list of consoles launched in the last 40 yesrs and Xbox One sits in the middle of thr pack.

darthv7241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

PS5 leads the PS4 by only 370k units. Series is leading xbo by over 1.6m. Id say thats really good so far.

No matter how people want to spin it. PS5 has two sku and Series has two sku. Similar/different, doesnt matter. The fact remains that both companies are selling two products (higher/lower priced) and consumers are buying one of either of those two products (some buy both of them).

Both are doing good as a result. Competition is healthy and demand is strong.

Rude-ro41d ago

Well.. this is all hypothetical.
Microsoft stopped reporting numbers after their initial launch sales.
This an estimated average based on collected data from picked resources.

NotoriousWhiz41d ago

There's no point for anyone to own both a Series S and Series X (unless they just want a second console in general). Same goes for the two PS5 editions. The fact that Xbox has two models is irrelevant for sales comparisons. It's not like the Wii U / 3ds where the software was vastly different.

darthv7241d ago

People can have more than one tv in their home. Most do, and as such they can also game in more than one room. Nothing wrong with that either. To each their own.

Kurt Russell41d ago

I own both.
Series X sits in the living room.
Series S sits in a bedroom or gets thrown in my luggage to entertain me in hotels when I work away from home.

DJStotty41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


"There's no point for anyone to own both a Series S and Series X"

What if i want a Series X, and want a Series S for my kid?, would i be allowed to buy both then?

NotoriousWhiz39d ago

I guess no one can read text in parentheses. My mistake.

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DJStotty41d ago


Regardless of how much you try and spin this, it is outselling xbox one by a comfortable margin.

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rlow142d ago

Good to hear. Now if they could just get more units.

CaptainHenry91642d ago

Yup and it will be obsolete when the big games come

Godmars29041d ago

Meant that MS, "borrowed" or "honored", the design of the skinny PS2, the console that pretty much humiliated their own first entry into gaming, the OG Xbox.

Not seeing how the Series S is going to be "obsolete" when, no matter how much they talk up power while ironically ignoring that the PS2 was the weakest system of its gen, MS's focused on streaming on everything from PCs to phones.

The full potential of the Series X is never going to be realized. Nevermind the S.

darthv7241d ago

Wait... are you saying the PS2 was obsolete when the big games came?

Godmars29041d ago



Was the PS2 obsolete when its big games came? Far too many games to actually list which made it one of the most popular systems in console history?

That said list of consoles is largely made up of systems known more for the quality as well as quantity of their libraries than power should be a lesson that speaks for itself, yet seems utterly ignored.

Proexposed41d ago

It always weird to me how people always talk about world wide sales. If you are a online mostly player like me you not going to be matched up with anyone out side of your region so why does it matter. So I live in North America yea ps5 out selling Xbox cool but in other countries mostly in North America its 5 mil ps5 to 4 mil series X|S that doesn’t seem that crazy of a difference to me. Why would I care about sales in Japan or India or other regions if I’m never going to play with them or get matched with them. Especially since most or close to all PlayStation exclusives have switch to single player games. I buy all Multiplatform games on series X then have gamepass for Xbox exclusives and just buy PlayStation exclusives on ps5 and Nintendo exclusives on switch. Also there is more Xbox live players then PSplus members Bc a lot of countries that buy playstation don’t have good enough internet or don’t have access to it.

darthv7241d ago

WW has always been the goto for one side of the conversation.

IRetrouk41d ago

And npd used for the other...

MrNinosan41d ago

First of all, I doubt most players play online.
Anyways, the reason total sales are important has nothing to do with whom to play, but instead how much money and focus will be put in to making new games.

Doesn't matter if Console A sell 5 million in the states and 0 in rest of the world if the Console B sell 3 million in the states and another 20 million WW.
That means Console B is where the money will come in, and the reason for making a bigger effort of creating greater games.

So yeah, WW-sales is extremely important.

Mr Blings41d ago

Was able to score an X and then unexpectedly a PS5 upon launch last year. Enjoy each. My son (9) has overall taken more to Xbox, possibly due to game pass. Was able to pick up an S today at Costco to use as his console in the living room vs my TV in family room. He'll have a S, PS4 pro and a switch running on my older Bravia.

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