Witcher Syndrome: What It Is and How to Fix It

KeenGamer: "Witcher Syndrome has been prominent in many games, and this is what the industry can do to fix it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's loot system has been incorporated into a few other RPGs, much to their detriment. However, using the systems from games like Monster Hunter World and a few other titles, the problems of Witcher Syndrome can be fixed!"

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Michiel198949d ago

why is this called witcher syndrome? its just doing loot right, not only witcher failed at that, many other games do. Most rpg's actually I would say. how to fix it? Look at Path of Exile and how they do their loot and crafting. You got 15 ways to obtain an item if not more, and some of those ways let you somewhat "target" certain items, combine that with adding/removing affixes from items with all their currency, then you got an amazing loot system. I think a lot of (singleplayer) rpg's can learn a lot from PoE's loot system.

Also you need to have a good combat system for loot to be able to be good, witchers was a bit lackluster, combat was the weakest aspect of Witcher 3 for me by a long shot. The skill tree was unbelievably stale, there were only a couple of upgrades that actually incentivized changing up your playstyle.

instantstupor49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I think the depth of PoE's loot and crafting system are great, but if you are doing Solo Self Found (which is what a single player RPG would be akin to) you'll be struggling if you are trying to get a specific build going. That's the one thing I do not love about PoE - its reliance on trading & how obnoxious it is. Most gear you find yourself is only viable during the leveling process - and not even then, if you want it to take forever to get to the endgame. Any endgame gear normally has to be traded for, and it's just a cumbersome process...

Use of a third party site outside the game, search, sort, copy, reopen game, whisper, afk, likely whisper 2-3 more times, response, accept party invite, travel to them or TP to their hideout, trade item currency, leave party...and that's assuming you get good enough drops that are worth enough to sell yourself, and then having to deal with that yourself throughout your entire playtime in order to buy what you need. But selling itself is obnoxious as it involves doing a lot of research to find out what items are worthwhile, and then how to properly price them. I do wish there was better item targeting...though maybe there is now? I haven't played in a few seasons at this point, but GGG has always been reluctant to do anything about making obtaining gear easier or more convenient.

Daeloki49d ago

First up, "Witcher Syndrome" sounds ridiculous, and you can hardly blame Witcher for other games using similar systems. Stop trying so hard to make it a thing.

As for alternative systems, probably an unpopular opinion (maybe? I don't know), but I kinda like Destiny 2's system where you can reinforce your old weapons and armor with new ones. Say you have a hand cannon with specific stats, appearance and a particular perk you really like. Once you get a new higher "leveled" weapon of the same category, you can dismantle that weapon to boost the old one up to the same level as the new one.

DethWish44d ago

Witcher Syndrome for me is being let down by all games since for having such shitty side missions ☹ W3 just raised the bar too high