New Suicide Squad Screenshots Released, Shows Task Force X and Amanda Waller

Some new Suicide Squad screenshots have been released for the DC Fandome event, showcasing Task Force X and Amanda Waller.

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Lexreborn240d ago

So far the presentation of the game has been very appealing. Now we just need to see the gameplay, really hope they got that locked down. To build all this hype and the gameplay is trash would be sad.

Da1rocky40d ago

I'm fucking loving that fact that Debra Wilson has been getting some major video game roles. Loved her when she was on madtv, favorite of mine is her Tina Turner impression.
This games looks better and better every time I see it

Z50140d ago

Her sweating as Whitney was the best.

anast40d ago

How many editions will there be and will there be MTs?

Lighter940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I'm holding out for a SS PS5 like the Arkham Knight PS4 that I wasn't able to get.

EmperorDalek40d ago

Yeah, it looks fine, but I'm still mad they cancelled a Superman game in favour of it. Same with the movies... We've had three bad Suicide Squad movies, and no Superman movie since Man of Steel.