Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Story Trailer – “Ticking”

Welcome to Task Force X. Your mission? Kill the Justice League.
Coming in 2022 to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Looks great, tbh.

The Arkham formula got stale by the end (4 games in 6 years was a lot) so I'm glad we're finally getting something new that's still in Rocksteady's universe. Arkham Asylum came out in 2009.

jBlakeeper41d ago

Well you won’t have to deal with that anymore because the days when we would get 3 installments from them in 6 years is over. Games like these take at least five years now. I mean it will have been over seven years since Arkham Knight when this game releases.

BrettAwesome41d ago

Now you get 0 games in 6 years. Lucky you.

LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

??? My main point is that the formula was beginning to get stale.

You could leave a similar reply for someone praising Sucker Punch for putting in the time to make something new with Ghost Of Tsushima even though it meant that we didn't get any new games for 6 years.

It's not like I'm happy that we didn't get Sucker Punch or Rocksteady games for that long but new stuff takes time and it's worth it.

I'm still a bit too worn out to play Gotham Knights because a lot of other Warner Brothers games in the meantime copied the Arkham combat formula (Shadow Of Mordor, Mad Max).


Great reveal, but I wonder how solo gameplay will work. Are we just controlling one character and giving the others commands (similar to Mass Effect)?

jBlakeeper41d ago

Supposedly we will be able to control all four characters and switch between them at will.

CrimsonWing6941d ago

Maybe like how GTA V handled zapping between characters then?

-Foxtrot40d ago

They said in a interview that if you play it solo your team mates will be played by AI

So you can't just play it actual solo, you need to drag 3, most likely, crappy AI's with you.

Lexreborn241d ago

Pretty crazy how great it looked

TheRealTedCruz41d ago

Kind of hyped for this, and I'm not even big on the Marvel/DC universes.

repsahj41d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I'm very impressed! So many superhero/villain game next year!! cannot wait!

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