Minecraft Reveals "The Wild Update" Coming in 2022; Will Add Mangroves, Frogs, & Much More

Today Mojang and Microsoft are hosting Minecraft Live and are providing a look at what players can expect from the super-popular game.

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Inverno41d ago

They haven't even finished the cave update. I'm all for taking it slow, and I'm sure they do and why wouldn't they when MC gets the amount of money it gets but the way they announce updates a whole year off is jus dumb

Abriael41d ago

I agree here. They keep delaying stuff into the next update which is six months away.

-Foxtrot41d ago

Yeah like apparently something from the upcoming update is being delayed for this update and they did the same with the last update

They keep delaying certain parts of the upcoming update for the update after that one.

I’m not a games developer, but I mean with Microsoft’s backing and the fact it’s not the most demanding game, how come they take so long with these updates.

Lionsguard41d ago

I don't understand why it takes them a whole year to add frogs or get Caves and Cliffs fully ready when a modder could probably do the entire thing in a month and be paid with a box of Hot Pockets. Also why do this stupid thing about having fans vote for new things like the Bronze Golem and the Allay and that Garbage pile looking thing when you can just you know...add all three? Because god forbid having variety I guess. Also it's just a dumb attempt at making the community feel "involved".

Snookies1241d ago

Not to mention that this game just prints money for them. You'd think they'd put a higher priority on getting releases out in a timely manner.

Abriael41d ago

Likely they don't exactly because it does whatever they do at this point.

YourMommySpoils41d ago

This game would have been revolutionary if it was developed by cavemen.

41d ago