AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: the Digital Foundry interview

Everyone wants extra performance from their PC hardware, right? And that's where technologies like AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), Nvidia's DLSS and Intel's upcoming XeSS are all about - essentially allowing the GPU to render at a lower resolution, then either upscaling or reconstructing to the native output of the display. In a sense, this is new territory for PC, where native resolution rendering was for a long time considered the only way forward. However, in console land, 'smart upscaling' isn't new, really coming to the fore with the launch of PS4 Pro in 2016.

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Magog42d ago

Nice to see Digital Foundry finally showing PS4 Pro's checkerboarding some respect as more than simply half resolution and in truth the first truly successful smart reconstruction technique predating DLSS.

Neonridr42d ago

but it pales in comparison to DLSS. So hooray for what?

Magog42d ago

DLSS is very computationally expensive and requires dedicated machine learning hardware. Checkerboard in Playstation is accelerated with relatively inexpensive hardware and archives excellent results.

Neonridr42d ago

@Magog - no offense to AMD but they are always playing catchup to Nvidia when it comes to these things. Look at RTX compared to what AMD offers.

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manusche42d ago

good for the future of gaming

kindi_boy42d ago

Loved how the engineer took Richard to school