Gamer 2.0: Prince of Persia Review

The Prince of Persia is likely one of the last new releases you'll need to try out, partly because it provides one of the best single-player adventures of the fall. Though the addition of Elika as a safety net for when you'd normally be killed and have to start a fight or platforming sequence over, her role is more of being a portable checkpoint that saves you from a good portion of the frustration you'd have normally, but you will still have some difficulty to keep this from being a easy game. The QA issues from Assassin's Creed have been ironed out for the most part, though there are a few lingering quirks between Elika and cranks and some other small stuff. Unless you're a hardcore fan of the Prince of Persia games, you can beat the game in about 14 hours or so in a rental to get all you need out of it during the holiday season.

Gameplay: 9
Visuals: 9
Audio: 8
Value: 7
Quality: 8

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