Ranking The Top 10 Scariest Video Game Monsters

COG: It's Spooktober and what a better way to celebrate than by listing the top 10 scariest monsters in video gaming. Grab your nightlight cause the nightmare fuel is real.

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VTKC51d ago

I am surprised not all 10 ranks were filled with just monsters from Dead Space games. Holy crap they freak me out so much. All other monsters are tame compared to them. Even the Xenomorph. I think it's because I know they use to be human and I would eventually turn into them once they kill me. Or one of those giant flying manta ray looking things latch onto me.

Army_of_Darkness51d ago

True that! When I hear that intense music play, I'm like "alright, this is it! Those freaky ass creatures are a comin'! No fear, no fear, no fear!" pauses game **and takes another shot of whiskey ** before blasting away!

DrRobotnik51d ago

I'm sorry but, no Pyramid head or Mr. X??? This list is straight trash.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

No Pyramid Head!? Thanks for saving me a click