I Was Wrong About The Nintendo Switch OLED

When it was revealed, Aaron was pretty hard on the Switch OLED. He even told himself there was no point in getting one. He's here to say that he was wrong.

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Magog48d ago

Vita launched at $249.99 and had an OLED screen in 2011. The Switch could and should have launched with one in 2017 and at the same price.

Neonridr47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

the internals of the Switch blow the Vita out of the water though. Why should it be the same price? That's like saying the PS5 shouldn't be more expensive than the PS4 because of the time added when it comes to decreasing tech prices.

Magog47d ago

You do realize in the 6 years between them tech changed, right? The cost to make them is likely close to identical at the time of their respective releases. Switch was built with left over phone parts.

Neonridr47d ago

@Magog - perhaps, but tech prices always go down. That's like saying that when the PS5 specs are determined 2 years in advance the prices for said parts have decreased. That doesn't mean that the company adjusts their prices based on current tech prices.

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Ryushaa47d ago

It must be hard being such fanboy. You said:
"That's like saying that when the PS5 specs are determined 2 years in advance the prices for said parts have decreased."
In the case of the Switch, yes. They put a already available tech 2 years old, Tegra X1 launched in 2015. Also, no, Nintendo didn't change a single thing in the Soc design (Remember the first switch model that was easily hackable?)

darkrider47d ago

Please... The switch was outdated before launch. Everything was old. Nvidia already had better tech and they went with old and much cheaper parts. Nintendo is doing a lot of money on every switch sold from day one. No other company was able to do that.

OpenGL47d ago

The Switch launched almost 6 years after the Vita. That's like saying the Series X blows the launch PS4 out of the water.

Good-Smurf47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The thing is Sony didn't held back in terms of specs with Vita but Nintendo did with Switch.
They can easily sell it at $250 and with drift prone Joy Con cheap build on Switch itself and Dock I'm starts to wonder how
much cost cutting they made in order to get the profit margin they want?

babadivad47d ago

Switch was build with ancient tech sitting in a warehouse because no one else wanted it. It was built with the cheapest materials. When the Switch launched, the phones released that year blew the switch out of the water.

GameZenith47d ago

So that still does not defend Nintendo from not having the OLED as part of the original 2017 model.

If hardware in 2011 was able to do it, why couldnt 2017 hardware?

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Notellin46d ago

@Neonridr "perhaps, but tech prices always go down. That's like saying that when the PS5 specs are determined 2 years in advance the prices for said parts have decreased. That doesn't mean that the company adjusts their prices based on current tech prices."

This is perhaps the least intelligent thing I've read in a while. They absolutely do try to drive the price down up until launch. That's why we never know the prices until they start manufacturing.

I mean you can't seriously believe what you wrote can you?

Realms46d ago

Are you really trying to justify Nintendo's lazy attempt at upgrading the Switch? I get why they aren't going all in on a next generation Switch right now but let's no act like Nintendo is doing something that most people want by just upgrading their screen. I bet that if you asked most Nintendo fans what would they rather have a better screen or a Switch pro or whatever they end up calling it they rather have new hardware.

neutralgamer199246d ago


Please stop defending Nintendo they always use the least expensive specs to make the most amount of profits. That's why we are happy there are Microsoft and a Sony in console gaming to move their tech forward if it was up to Nintendo we would still be stuck with switch level specs

The day they sold a cardboard box for $60 and media/Fanboys praised them was the day I knew they can get away with anything. I mean selling a cardboard box was called innovation

Their consoles rarely go down in price their software rarely go on sale so they only care about making profits and as much as possible and yes every company is in the business of making profit but not everybody goes about it the same way

While Xbox and Playstation get a lot of hate Nintendo gets a free pass for pretty much everything. They have the most loyal fanboys in any industry

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strifeblade47d ago

The vita oled had some defect.

KyRo47d ago

Every OLED ever can potentially get burn in even 10 years on. It weren't exclusive to the Vita lol

Profchaos46d ago

OLED was incredibly rare in 2011 the quality of OLED and LCD jumped significantly between 2011 and 2016.

Also even Sony didn't keep up the vita OLED panel removing it in the first revision of the system.

Now I love my vita OLED model I use it frequently still with possibly one of the better hombebrew communities to this day I use it for work commutes and the like regularly still. I thought it was weird the switch launched with a traditional LCD but to give them credit in 2016 a OLED phone was not a thing it was until the galaxy s8 and Samsung bringing ooed back to the mobile device space in 2018 where OLED became a common place in phones.

I'd say this revision was to keep pace with the mobile market and they are not really competing against the vita anymore.

Nintentional46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The Switch is a hybrid portable/home console that shipped with a docking station, a high performance gaming tablet, and two detachable controllers with HD rumble, motion controls and being able to split them individually for 2 player games… You’re not too bright if you think that should cost the same as a Vita, a one dimensional, single use/purpose system. I’m not saying the Vita isn’t great, I absolutely adore my blue Vita 2000 and I love playing PSP games on there, most notably Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and some other fantastic Vita software. But come on, can you math? They’re not equal in value, far from it and it would have cost more to implement an OLED at launch.

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Knightofelemia47d ago

Honestly I myself I am happy with my current Switch I never use it in hand held mode mainly docked for the tv. As long as it continues to play games like Metroid Dread then I don't care. Only time I will upgrade my current Switch is if it decided to die or when Nintendo announces the successor to the Switch meaning their next gen system.

Good-Smurf47d ago

Honestly I was too scared using my Switch on the go it was quite awkward to use since the Joy Con are so tiny and flat my hands are constantly searching and fighting for grip that isn't there.
When I still own one 95% of the time its in Docked mode.

camel_toad46d ago

I own Metroid Dread but started over as soon as the emulator version hit. It's beautiful in 4k. Sad Nintendo didn't release the rumored pro switch with 4k. I can't go back to 1080p metroid now.

GoodGuy0947d ago

As a huge fan of the vita. Great screen. Games looked hd even for a 540p panel.

RaiderNation47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Thsts great and all but when is Nintendo going to release a hardware revision that actually benefits gamers like me who strictly play in docked mode? First they release an updated model that improved battery life, then they released the smaller, cheaper Switch Lite, then they released the Switch OLED with a bigger, better screen and better kickstand. 3 revisions, all of which are to the sole benefit of the hanheld gamer.

Yui_Suzumiya47d ago

Who would play the Switch on a TV though? The television is meant for bigger consoles.

RaiderNation47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

That's a silly question. I could turn that around and ask, who would play video games on a 7" screen when they can play them on a 65" screen? The Switch is a HYBRID console, it's not strictly a handheld. So for you to even ask that question is ridiculous.

Neonridr47d ago

we played the Wii on a TV, so what's your point?

RaiderNation46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


My point is Nintendo sucks at hardware LOL. And no I never owned a Wii. I never bought into that weak, gimmicky POS. Played my nephew's a couple of times. That was enough. He had Wii Sports and Zelda. Motion controls were cool for about 5 minutes. After that I never wanted to play games that way again. So unless you have a mouse in your pocket, I don't know of this "we" that you speak of.

Lord_Sloth46d ago

You're right. My circle of friends should be forced to stare at the tiny ass Switch sitting on the counter when we get together and play Smash Bros.

RedDevils46d ago

Because I like playing on Tv or at home. There reason a Switch is a hybrid console for a reason.

RaiderNation46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Suit yourself but I just can't play that way. The small screen kills my eyes after a while and playing Switch in handheld form is not the most comfortable. My right thumb really cramps up after a while playing that way.

In 2017 when Switch launched, I thought it was a cool little machine and the handheld/home console hybrid design was genius! However for me, the hardware has aged rather quickly and now in 2021 we are playing next gen consoles on 4K TV's where features like 4K resolution, 60fps, ray tracing, are becoming the norm. It's very hard to go back to playing 720p games with terrible aliasing and low frames. Im not expecting a Switch revision on the level of PS5 but damn give us SOMETHING! Release an updated dock that at least gets us to something like dynamic 1440p/60fps. Hell i dont even have to have ray tracing but get us a LITTLE closer to modern day standards. Even something at Xbox Series S level would be a huge help!

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Eamon47d ago

I think the answer to your question is that the Switch being handheld is the most critical part of its sales success.

It's biggest appeal is the fact you can play "console games" on the go. I'm like you, I mainly play Switch docked, so I was hoping to see a Switch Pro with upgraded spec and 4K output, but sadly it's not to be. Nintendo will most likely release a new console before that happens.

GameZenith46d ago

Remember, the GameCube was Nintendo's last core gaming console that wasnt centered around gimmicks like the Wii.

Handheld has always been Nintendo's saving grace since the Gameboy so it is more comfortable for Nintendo to focus on handheld stuff and ignore console specific stuff.

Yui_Suzumiya46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I was just making a point that I use my 50" 4K television for my Playstation consoles and I use my Switch Lite for small screen gaming. I'm not really interested in Nintendo games so I have my Switch for visual novels and big triple A titles that are graphically intensive like Doom Eternal, Dying Light, Resident Evil, Crysis, BioShock and stuff like that. I just like seeing how far they can push the outdated tech. Alot of the games I own on PS4 as well but there's just something really amazing about laying in bed and playing them on a smaller screen. I have the Lite but I'm getting the OLED soon for an even better screen.

DarthMarvin46d ago

I was really disappointed when the Switch didn't launch with an external GPU dock. I'm extremely disappointed that they *still* haven't released one yet.

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