Should cybersecurity be managed from the White House?

Ars Technica writes, "In a report released Monday, the nonpartisan Center for Strategic & International Studies served up dozens of recommendations for improving American cybersecurity-but by far the most headline friendly was the call for a new National Office for Cyberspace within the White House, headed by an "assistant to the president for cyberspace," or cybersecurity czar.

Of course, the U.S. arguably has a "cybersecurity czar" already: Rod Beckstrom, who heads the National Cyber Security Center within the Department of Homeland Security. But the experts on CSIS' Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency argue that DHS is the wrong agency to take the lead on cybersecurity, which should be coordinated by a White House office with a direct line to the president. "Securing cyberspace," they argue, "is no longer an issue defined by homeland security or critical infrastructure protection" but rather "an issue of international security in which the primary actors are the intelligence and military forces of other nations." Under their plan, the existing NCSC would be fused with the Joint Inter-Agency Cyber Task Force to form the NOC. Similarly, a new Cybersecurity Directorate within the National Security Council would absorb relevant functions of the Homeland Security Council."

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