Retro Future Sci-Fi Thriller The Invincible Looks Out of This World on PS5

Sammy Barker : Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Polish author Stanisław Lem’s 1964 novel, The Invincible, is coming to the PlayStation 5 – and here’s your first glimpse of the adaptation, developed by Starward Industries.

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rlow150d ago

It looks great, but for me it doesn't look better than the unreal demo on the PS5. Which I thought really looked next gen. But the setting of the game does look very interesting and ending the trailer with a mystery, is very enticing.

50d ago
Nacho_Z50d ago

Somewhat off topic, but as good as it was, Firewatch would have been amazing with graphics like this.

RaidenBlack50d ago

A Firewatch spinoff is not impossible.

TheRealTedCruz50d ago

The devs behind Firewatch were acquired by Valve years ago, and the only project with the two leads name on it was Half-Life Alyx, so I wouldn't be expecting anything coming from the IP, unfortunately.