Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Release Date and Pricing Revealed

The expanded service goes live on October 25 (October 26 in Europe). Pricing for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is set at $49.99 / £35.99 per year for individuals. It goes up to $79.99 / £59.99 for the family plan.

strayanalog717d ago

No thanks. If this Expansion came with other consoles as well, then maybe, but I have a Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis that work fine.

deleted717d ago

Absolutely insane pricing. They need to expand the offering greatly if they want to even come close to this price. Invest in licensing rights to games that would otherwise get excluded. Right now, this is not enough for the price.

Unknown_Gamer5794717d ago

It’s also worth noting that almost, if not all those Genesis games have been released in other ways on modern consoles too, and you can keep those for a one-time purchase. So, it really comes down to how much you love these N64 games. It’s definitely not worth it to me.

Seraphim716d ago

Classic move. Introduce consumers to a price friendly model they can support then later add a more expensive option for special treatment. By the Switch 2 they'll probably add Gamecube games and charge $80/yr.

I'll admit that it's nice to have access to those NES/SNES titles but personally I've barely touched any of them. I think I've fired up about 3-4 games for a very short stint since the service launched. Though I did just finally get the SNES controller so I plan on re-playing Breath of Fire in the foreseeable future. It's convenient to have, much easier than digging out the NES and hooking it up, though, I still have to do that for some games anyway. Personally I don't see myself spending $50/yr. Anyone playing online and taking advantage of these classics will surely find it reasonably priced still but for me the value just isn't there. Then again, if they add Crusader of Centy on the Genesis and some other titles I may bite for 1-3 months when I feel like playing them then revert back to cheap ass $20 package lol

Chevalier716d ago

Maybe join someone on a family plan? If it's enough people it would be cheap. The plan does allow up to 8 people. Would be cheaper than a single person account.

deleted715d ago

@Chevalier So for those who have families and can't piggy-back off of others? I'm not paying $80 a year for myself and daughter.

Knightofelemia717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Maybe once Sega starts dipping into the Master System, Saturn, Game Gear, Dreamcast libraries and if Nintendo dipped into the Gameboy through Gameboy Advanced libraries and Game Cube I might consider it. I own the Genesis games through Anniversary Collections and the Genesis Mini and Genesis carts. I own the N64 carts so I am good. And the whole can't party chat with friends, no ability to message a friend and have to use a stupid code to add a friend yeah I am still good. Hell Nintendo should bug Konami to add the TG-16 to the online roster I know there are fans who like that console.

princejb134716d ago

power stone 2 would be awesome

GoodGuy09717d ago

Good lord I thought itd be only another $10-$15. If they ever add gamecube and gba games without additional cost, then I think itd be worth it. Sad nintendo doesnt keep it reasonable, which would actually fight against people just simply pirating, this encourages people to do it more lol.

Jin_Sakai717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Seems Nintendo didn’t have much of a choice considering the licensing cost.

“NSO Expansion Pack is likely expensive due to licensing costs (SEGA in particular was paid a lot after low Wii VC sales for Genesis)”

“3rd parties titles (Konami, Capcom) are also being licensed for Genesis NSO. So the licensing costs begin to add up after awhile.”


deleted717d ago

Sega has made so many of their classics available through previous collections, this feels like a waste of their budget. I would have preferred they doubled down on Nintendo systems and pay licensing for titles that were on their own systems. The point being, there is no legal way of playing these Nintendo games lost to history, without chasing down expensive cartridges. Give us a reason to stay away from Roms! I want to play things legally and will happily pay for an adequate service... keyword, adequate.

HansyJ716d ago

My main concern is I only really care about the Nintendo 64 I don’t care about the saga nor the animal cross so basically paying 90% of the cost for stuff I don’t care for. No thanks

gold_drake717d ago

isnt it odd to you that this only shows up now?
the pricing was revealed yesterday, and almost no website criticises them. the comments on the youtube video are full of people calling them out. and still, almost no piece of media says anything bad about it.

they are all scared they get cut off from nintendo if they do so.
this is nintendo.

Tacoboto717d ago

IGN's article was posted over 24 hours ago so it showed up exactly when the pricing details were revealed to them, on a Friday when the bad news stories are dumped, in combination with Animal Crossing DLC news.

Which this Expansion Pass gives access to - $25 of that $30 optional fee accounts for the cost of that PDLC.

What can be effectively criticized, since you've surely got a strong opinion on this? That... it's completely optional? That it comes with an expensive DLC for one of their top selling games? That the library will grow not just on their own IPs, but third parties including Sega and Microsoft and others?

Personally, since it is optional, and I don't have animal crossing, I'm fine not letting this affect my life unless the friend I'm on a family plan with wants a few more bucks a year. I'll say ok, buy him a drink, and maybe once I'll play an N64 game

Tacoboto716d ago

Mhmmm, not a single word to explain the disagreement.

716d ago
campofmusic716d ago

Tatics, that's the name of the game.

You post a announcement without price to not get any backlash, you announce the price couple days later and get less backlash, less backlash, less articles bashing nintendo, less articles bashing nintendo, more chance for them to slip this shit under the radar.

Tactics, the name of the game.

Lexreborn2717d ago

They really want an extra 30 a year for a sub to the sega master collection that’s been on Dreamcast, ps2, psp, PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox, PC? And for 4”n64 games they had on Wii, Wii U and remade on 3DS? Nintendo really ain’t been shit for a while but come one?