Ghost Of Tsushima wins awards for Best Sound Design and Best Original Composition in Gaming

Sucker Punch thanks the MASAwards for recognizing GhostOfTsushima for Best Sound Design in Gaming and Best Original Composition in Gaming! We're so proud of the Sucker Punch and PlayStation sound and music teams, and our wonderful composers IlanEshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi!

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Darkborn41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Well deserved. I've been slowly replaying the games directors cut on ps5 and it's crazy how good it is even a second time. Not just sound but everything. Their attention to detail is really good. The music and just overall sound of animals, combat, the flute, the wind even is incredible, especially with the duelsense.

ArchangelMike41d ago

Brilliant game, well deserved, the soundscapes were awesome.I loved the regional voice acting, I think more games need to do this instead of the usual american or british accents (Final Fantasy I'm, looking at you).

isarai40d ago

No one will probably get this, but i seen the big orange "X" and got a bit excited it might have been related to Gettin Up. I love that game, even though most people don't it's my jam.

Anywho well deserved 👏 the OST it GOT was so dope, everything about that game was such a bar raiser for atmosphere and immersion. Cant wait to upgrade with the DLC and dive back in

Mr_cheese40d ago


Imagine what they could do with it in this day and age

PhillyDillyDee40d ago

This is small but when I noticed the falling leaves would hit the water and then float away with the current I was kinda blown away. I have no idea how hard this was to program and you can notice a tiny bit of placement accuracy in the transition but dang… thats some serious attention to detail IMO.