Why FIFA 22 is the Least Competitive FIFA Ever Released

Fans are unsure the new FIFA 22 FUT Champions system is actually any good. LWOG check out why this is the least competitive FIFA ever.

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TheColbertinator92d ago

FUT blows. eFootball blows. All football games blow.

slayernz92d ago

Maybe its to get rid of the win at all costs mentality that is so prevalent. One of the reasons I stopped playing was because of this. People would get a go ahead goal and then just pass ball around the back and waste time...lots of fun! Anyway, too little too late for me

0rbital7192d ago

thats a legit tactic, go get the win.

SDuck92d ago

sounds like irl tactics

LWOGaming92d ago

Super Arcade Football is filling my football time right now. Proper retro footy game.

Stonilein90d ago

The game is scripted anyways