The Xbox Series X is 2021’s Best Games Console | Trusted Reviews

The Microsoft Xbox Series X has won the Best Games Console category at the Trusted Reviews Awards 2021.The console overcame key rivals including the Xbox Series S, PS5 and Oculus Quest 2 to secure the win.

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darthv7253d ago

Some would argue the PS5 should be the winner as it has new games specific to it but only one platform has an actual mini fridge likeness releasing later this year. It's like that scene in Batman Forever (yeah yeah... i know). PS5 being Two Face and Series X being Batman, [which makes Series S Robin]

ColtPSSX53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

They made another article saying PS5 is the best.
It’s like they don’t know what they like, could of just made one article saying both is good lol.

Nm I read that wrong. Seem like they like the Xbox more while its readers Liked PlayStation more

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lodossrage53d ago


Not sure how you can think editor votes are less bias. Considering how many times editors have been caught getting paid or getting free swag or access for their reviews.

Orchard53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@DreadHealer Do you have a source for that statement about how the site gave Xbox a pity reward?

If anything, the editors review seems more trustworthy than a public facing poll given you can't stop people voting multiple times etc...

I primarily game on PS5 but I can see why some people prefer the Series X - Microsoft has done a lot to improve since the Xbox One debacle.

@lodossrage Surely that getting paid / getting free swag thing would essentially apply to every product/company being reviewed?

lodossrage53d ago


yeah and it also applies to an opinion being paid to be more favorable. So again, back to my point, if anyone thinks editors can't/won't be bias, they're kidding themselves.

Darkborn52d ago

It's also like how an outlet chose ratchet and clank as the best game of the year, and then made an article a few hours later naming flight simulator as best Xbox game of the year. It's about inclusion to appease their fans.

S2Killinit52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Yep. The site chose MS so they could get clicks from both sides, after the readers elected Playstation as the best.

Hofstaderman52d ago

Has anybody else noted a slew of articles trying to paint Xbox in a positive light? Gaming journalism needs to be regulated much like regular news and the same ethical standards should be applied. Clearly certain gaming media outlets are being funded for fluff pieces such as these. The Series X is selling OK. Not great, not spectacular... Just OK. But certain websites and YouTubers are crying from the rooftops that Microsoft is dominating their competitors whilst the sales and more importantly the actual released games paints an entirely different picture. GOW, Horizon Zero Dawn and GT7 are around the corner what does Microsoft have? Halo Infinte a f2p? Cmon Xbox owners demand better so Sony can be kept on their toes.

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Mr_cheese52d ago

The idea that the consumer has a less warranted view than than the website is a ridiculous.

The consumer buys the product, the website pushes it for their on monetization

Unknown_Gamer579452d ago

I play games, not mini fridges. I do appreciate how far the in-joke of the XS looking like a fridge has gone, but that’s not actually a product I would buy, nor does a novelty product have anything to do with the quality of the actual XS, which is the thing being compared to the competition.

dbcoops52d ago

Yeah cause that's what I look for in my gaming console choice, rather it has a matching mini fridge or not. smh

darthv7252d ago

If sony had embraced the meme of the ps3 being like a foreman grill... hell yeah Id buy that too.

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iplay1up253d ago

Smart Delivery, and Quick Resume are fantastic. Also 0 file transfers, my game progress is automatically transferred from one console to the next.

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lukejd108852d ago

How do you fools disagree? Like “I’d rather not be able to resume playing quickly and I prefer it be hard to get my ps4 game up and running on my 5 where I left off” it’s like you enjoy pain

derek52d ago

Sorry lukejd nobody cares about that feature it's about the games period. Microsoft and its dopey fanbase have talked about everything but the games for the last decade.

sammarshall10252d ago

PS5 games already boot up very fast, quick resume is not important at all

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BQ3252d ago

Quick resume is just a pain at times for me as a multiplayer gamer. It can’t save where I am in a multiplayer server so some games end up crashing out or I have close out the game app and restart it to get into the servers. I guess it’s cool at times when I’m not online but that is rare so nothing I would make a huge deal about. And there are more gamers playing online then there are not so keep that in mind.

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Sayai jin52d ago

Sammarshall, games booting up fast and quick resume are not the same. If you use both, like I do, they are easy to discern. I can turn on my Series X and click a game and resume all in about 5 seconds, amd start exactly where I left off. No laoding a game then clicking continue. On the other hand, my PS5 doesn't can't do that. it does load games up faster on average. That doesn't take in account loading up saves after the main games laods up. Is it a deal breaker? No, not at all. I guess it can viewed as the controllers. The dual sense controller offers more immersion than the Xbox controller. Is it a deal breaker to not have dual sense features on the Xbox controller? No, bit it would be nice.

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jznrpg52d ago

Smart delivery gives you discs with an installer and no game in disc . I’d rather not have it at all

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Sonyslave353d ago

Dude we all know any poll open to the public ps5 going to win their more playstation fans then xbox and nintendo combine just look at twitter or neogaf.

Hell the peagus nation is deep and it sad.

iplay1up253d ago

Really? Nintendo seems to be holding its own! BTW, between Switch and Series X, I am having A BLAST!

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Kavorklestein52d ago

So ANYTHING is fine, as long as it's NOT an Xbox.. got it.

Sunny_D52d ago

Lol you’re mad the more popular console has more fans? Who would have thought? Guess math isn’t your favorite subject.

gravedigger52d ago

But Xbox app is on PC too, alongside with Gamepass. So, hundreds of millions PCs. So much about the math, yo


I knew it look at the design of that thing its gorgeous no offense to the ps5 but it gets boring looking at it.....

jznrpg52d ago

A box is gorgeous ? It’s a Bluetooth speaker ? Anyone can draw a rectangle box ?

BrainSyphoned52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You do know to hook your systems up to a tv right? Just making sure you didn't get confused and transfixed by the modern art Sony has been putting forth.

AmUnRa52d ago

Now you are astroturfing, who cares how a console looks like? Realy? When one console looks boring as hell iis the Xbox SeriesX. You guys are killing me.

TheSaint51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It's hardly a design masterpiece. Its a fucking box.

That being said I do not like the PS design either and I own a PS5.

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