Battlefield 2042 Community Survey Results Released, Here's Where Some of the Community Stands

Check out this Battlefield 2042 community survey results on where some members of the playerbase stands in response to the beta.

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Kaii46d ago

"Judging by the beta, are you going to buy Battlefield 2042?" = 37.4% (Yes)
Perhaps wait for a progress report on launch week on how well It's transitioned from beta product to live service (Bugs Gone-Edition)

arkard46d ago

80% said the new operator system is a downgrade. There are some other results as well that are not favorable for dice. This will be star wars BF2 all over again with a ton of patches and systems needing to be fixed before the game is playable as it should be. The game should be delayed but it's EA and no way they miss holiday window.

excaliburps45d ago

Well, it is a downgrade in terms of playability. It's better on a design perspective, but overall, it makes teamwork less important, and just shuffles up the core gameplay inecessantly.

annoyedgamer45d ago

Even with a delay I dont see EA removing a system that was made for microtransactions.

JEECE45d ago

Lol they just need to slot the BF3 class system in. We know it is already functioning in the game's engine from the leak of the Portal stuff last week. Just put that in and used the operator skins as cosmetics (I mean it would be better to remove them completely but that's wishful thinking).

annoyedgamer45d ago

Those results are a big oof for EA.

PhillyDillyDee45d ago

Hilarious. Glad BFVs lifespan was cut short for this. That game was well on the way to being pretty great.

JEECE45d ago

Cut short? BFV got new maps for almost two years. That's quite typical for BF games, and actually longer than most of the older ones were supported. BF has never been a F2P style game with unending "seasons." It's always been the launch content and a few sets of map packs.

PhillyDillyDee44d ago

I wasn't talking about seasons specifically but its funny you mention it because BFV was attempting to do just that. So either you have an impressively short memory or you’re just rambling on and hoping what you say lines up with the facts. BFV had 18 maps in total compared to BF1s 29. The last map released was in April of 2020; thats just a little over a year of support and short of the marketed/promised 2 years. They ended its life-cycle early so they could take those devs and put them on 2042. It is well documented on both official dice/ea sites as well as virtually every gaming news site.

badboyz0945d ago

PSN Games Under $20

I'll wait 😜

Atticus_finch45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

That's my plan as well.

arkard45d ago

Game will probably be half off at black Friday a couple weeks after launch.

masterfox45d ago

20?, barely 10 to even consider buying a MP only game, ughhh.

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The story is too old to be commented.