Sony sued for collecting kids data

John Leyden of The Register reports:

"Information on 30,000 kids under 13 was allegedly collected by music publisher Sony BMG Music Entertainment in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. A lawsuit, filed by US consumer watchdog the Federal Trade Commission in a New York court on Wednesday, seeks an injunction against Sony and unspecified damages."

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Saint Sony3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I would not worry about it really... where ever you go you leave tracks of yourself.

It isn't like Sony is giving all the information to wrong hands, but law is the law.

Wile3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The fact that you are ok with company's mining and collecting information on you is very disturbing. If a corporation has a file on you, IMO your info IS ALREADY in the wrong hands!

likedamaster3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Sony, the creator of DRM that plagued music albums that destroyed your PC, and SecuROM that was essentially created by Sony? No, it can't be!!! LOL.

No really, it could just be someone wanting to cash in... or not.

Cenobia3599d ago

They obviously agreed to something when signing up for the sites. They have to notify you that your information may be used for other purposes. They also probably put a warning saying only 18 and older can sign up.

They should have had a way to block info from anyone under 18, so they do deserve some sort of punishment, but the kids should know that any info you give online can be used by companies. If they even read any of the warnings they'd know that. And I mean what could Sony possibly have on them? Their name and favorite band?

itsalive3599d ago

First, can N4G PLEASE get decent forum software that allows one to respond to a SPECIFIC comment in a thread versus replying to the parent all the time? good lord, go buy, beg or borrow slashdots or any number of other sites software that allows you to do this!
As to the topic, how does one know who 'signed up' these accounts? did the children create these accounts (normally as was mentioned before, there is an age restriction) or was it mom and dad who were too lazy/busy to read the terms of use/privacy policy?

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hay3600d ago

I can sense overall Sony bashing for Sony BMG's doing.

Darkseider3600d ago

Notice I said IF. The site requies you to verify your age electronically and the child LIED to get in than Sony is free and clear of any responsibilities. Digital age verification and digital signatures were put in place for that reason. Yes it is a law and there is also legal precedent. Now if there is no age verification system in place well then Sony has to eat this one.

InMyOpinion3600d ago

This sounds like something Howard Stringer might be involved in.

Zerodin3600d ago

Sony was hoping he was a girl, cause you know...Sony is a japanese company after all.

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