PS3 Owners Want the 360's GTA IV Content Most Of All

PS3 Attitude's Brodiesan writes:

"You may recall we ran a brief survey a short time ago asking quite plainly: of all the exclusive DLC that has gone the 'Way of the X', what are you as a PS3 owner most eager to play?

The results have definitely thrown up some interesting discussion points.

As part of this census we also asked how long PS3 fans are willing to wait for the aforementioned console locked content to surface for the PS3. These results probably surprised us more.

So, what game got the nod? The title above might proffer a hint but by just how much did GTAIV receive more votes than Fallout 3 and Tomb Raider: Underworld? What came second? Read on for numbers!"

Also, PS3 Attitude's FANTASTIC Prince of Persia competition (in conjunction with Ubisoft) is still running and will close TODAY. All you have to do to win one of three awesome prize packs (including a copy of the game and a limited edition numbered print - each print is one of only 200 in existence) is to comment on the following post:

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InMyOpinion3600d ago

But they would never admit it...

Brodiesan3600d ago

But the survey was anonymous so - that probably helped.

Why o why3600d ago

ms need this more than sony do. Its kinda why they paid for it. Anyway enjoy your dlc; It might actually be worth it, who knows

ToastyMcNibbles3600d ago

hey jenzo i admit it...i would like that content on PSN and if it was available i would probably buy it but its not something im beggin to have

Aquanox3600d ago

They can always buy an Xbox 360 for cheap nowadays. Fallout 3 extra content should be a killer too.

InMyOpinion3600d ago

I appreciate your honesty.

I'd love to have Uncharted and LBP on the 360. Both awesome titles.

ravinshield3600d ago

hahah they wish.too bad they wont get it.hahah

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riksweeney3600d ago

Not if it's going to be essentially the same game we don't.

Saint Sony3600d ago

I'm pretty sure many PS3 owner likes GTA4 and would love to play the additional content.

Brodiesan3600d ago

41% of PS3 owners would disagree.

Personally, I'm not interested in playing GTA IV past what comes on the disc but it appears to be still insanely popular and a LOT of PS3 owners want it above the likes of Fallout 3 (which gets my vote)

The Killer3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

i dont even want GTA4 and now they say ps3 owners need the extra missions for 40$??

GTA4 is cracked right now on pc and i can play it any time i want, but i wont waist my time on such a game! i rather play "saint row 2"!!


thats and even if i do i rather have fun and good time doing it, i like sports but i dont have much time these days even to play so if i play i will play short and multiplayer games unless a game is like persona 3 then i might spend more time on it

Saint Sony3600d ago

Are you trying to say you wont invest your time to collect excess fat that forms on to your waist when playing videogames instead of doing sports?

- Ghost of Sparta -3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Whoever wrote this garbage must be a 360 fan desperately trying to make it seem like anyone actually gives a crap about GTA IV anymore. I don't want an expansion pack of a game I hated to begin with.

"PS3 owners want the 360's GTA IV content" lol. I've never seen so much bullsh*t in one sentence. Unlike 360 owners, PS3 owners have games in 2009 so you could keep your DLC. We'll have too many new IP's and sequels to legendary franchises to even care.

SuperM3600d ago

Kinda stupid survey though. I mean GTA4 has sold way more copies on PS3 then any of those other games. Alot of people, myself included only own GTA4 of those games, so naturally i would rather want GTA4 DLC then DLC for games i dont own. That being said, im not very interested in GTA4 DLC as i have not even completed a third of the game yet. I dont think the exclusive DLC thing is going to help MS much, its a waste of money if you ask me. If it means devs are taking things away from the full game to release it as DLC then its a slap in the face to anyone who bought the game, nomather which console.


Not me.In fact when i buy my 360 im not buying gta4 for DLC.I hate the game so much that DLC cant make me change my mind about it.Or elest the DLC was bringing back GTA3 then i dont give a sh1t.


MazzingerZ3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Well, I think if they bought the game it's very likely they like it although many were disappointed and don't want to know more about it...

The thing is that Microsoft itself make it sound as if every single X360 owner owns the game and loved it...and that evey single PS3 owner owns the game and dreams about the DLC

The truth is that only those that liked GTA IV get benefit/are "affected" by this... BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE THAT DON'T LIKE GTA? Well those on the X360 are getting a RTS: Halo Wars while on the PS3 side are getting Killzone 2 and inFAMOUS around those dates.

Now someone tell me which company is delivering what we paid for in the first place when getting their console

hay3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

@WANNA GET HIGH: maybe not the worst game ever made, it's quite a technical achievement but sure, the game've disappointed me. At least that's what I feel about GTA4.

gaffyh3600d ago

Stop putting words in our mouths, I am a PS3/360 owner, and I've got the 360 version of GTA4 and I don't give a sh*t about the DLC. In fact, I can't think of anything worse than going back to a disappointing crap game, paying an extra $20/£15, and being disappointed by it again.

And even if I had the game on PS3, I wouldn't give a sh*t about the DLC.

y0haN3600d ago

I've ordered a 360 and I'm going to buy GTA4 for it just for the DLC, I loved GTA4.

sak5003600d ago

lol @ghost of spart... Everyone should learn spinning from you.

"Whoever wrote this garbage must be a 360 fan"
Its from the site called PS3 Attitude. Which as the name suggest only for ps3 related news. SO you think anyone who even minutely dislikes ps3, its exclusive game, its mother company is an xbox fanboy?

jadenkorri3600d ago

"meh"....the new dlc has not phased me one bit, the story of bikers, "50 million dollars" and bikers....need i say more, i own all 3 consoles, but i will admit i have GT4 on my PS3... Ill wait for reviews first before i buy another copy to get dlc...
Just a personal question, anyone know if the star wars forces unleashed extra mission thats on live available to PSN, or is it exclusive...

Brodiesan3600d ago

As someone has already stated: it looks like you just read the blurb attached to this submission and not the actual story it is linking to.

Some FACTS for you:

1. I am not a 360fanboy. Far from it. I don't even own a 360.

2. "I don't want an expansion pack of a game I hated to begin with." That's cool. There were other options in the survey but you don't know that - cause you didn't read the article, did you? Admit it. You didn't read it.

The point of the survey was simple:

Find out a) do PS3 fans still want DLC content that is currently 360 exclusive? b) if so, what content do they want more - a selection was proffered. c) If so, how long will they wait for it? If at all?

There was an option to say "I don't want it" and some people dutifully selected it (23% in fact but you don't know that because you didn't read the article).

3. "PS3 owners want the 360's GTA IV content" = Garbage sentence.
I'm sorry but the numbers don't lie. If the results of the survey showed that PS3 owners didn't want the content the headline would have been: "PS3 owners say Go Stick Your Exclusive 360 DLC!"

It would have garnered the same amount of hits.

Oh wait. You don't like it when writers concoct bombastic headlines to drive people to their content? Get over it. Welcome to the internet.

3600d ago
Megatron083600d ago

I remember how ps3 fanboys carried on and on about how no one would be playing gta4 after a month or so no one would want the DLC for it. Turns out that after all their talk about how crappy gta4 is and they didnt care about dlc for it. They were really just jealous that they are not getting it.

pixelsword3600d ago

...I didn't even Buy GTA IV, nor do I plan on getting it. I've never finished any of their games, they don't hold my attention at all past a couple of hours.

Majors3600d ago

I totally gree with Riksweeney... Gta was way way overhyped fun for 1hour then back in its box it went and its still there today. DLC for this game is too late..... I would definatly not pay for any DLC nor would i buy the game for the DLC when its available, they have missed the boat. It should have been released 2 months or 3 max after the game was out not a year later.
There are way better games out there to spend your cash on and this isn't one of them.

heroicjanitor3600d ago

This doesn't mean that they want it it's just if they had to pick one, which would they choose. I'm not at all interested to be honest I got bored of the game very quickly

Foliage3600d ago

I'll probably never pay for features that were not included in the game to milk a bit more money from their customers. This is pathetic. I have way too many games to look forward to rather than care about DLC.

Heck, I've got 5 games sitting on this desk I haven't played yet. GTA4 was a game I grew tired of within the second playthrough, I can't believe anyone still cares about it.

ThanatosDMC3600d ago

They need to come out with GTA4: San Andreas... then i'll give them my money.

elorm93599d ago

Wow... In general, I haven't even liked the series to begin with.

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DavidMacDougall3600d ago

In all fairness junk you never like GTA4 in the first place. I hate the whole playing as the biker crap but i'd like the new weapons

Anon19743600d ago

It's fun but there are too many excellent games out on the PS3 right now. I personally don't have time to play the stack of games I own at the moment, let alone everything that's come out the past couple of months. I'm just not interested in shelling out another $20 for an extra chapter of an already lengthy game when I could be playing a whole game that I haven't even touched Codemned 2 - or Resistance 2. R2, for the love of god! I loved the first one but I haven't even opened it yet because LBP and COD-WAW are eating up all my gaming time.

ultimolu3600d ago

Never did, and never will David.

UltimateIdiot9113600d ago

Ahahahahaha, hold on ahahahahahaha.

BananaSlug3600d ago

what was the sample size?

DolphGB3600d ago

About 50 milliletres. And even then they wanted more...

Oh - sorry - you meant the survey.

The exact number eludes me, but it was in the thousands, so certainly big enough for a representative sample...