Someone Has Calculated the Cost of Owning All PS4 Games on PSN, Here’s the Breakdown

A Redditor has found out how much it costs to buy all PS4 games across different regions, both full-priced and PS Plus-discounted.

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SurgicalMenace43d ago

Yeah, definitely put plenty of pennies into my collection. Didn't realize there are over 5k games for PS4 though.

TheEnigma31343d ago

With ps plus you honestly never have to buy a game if there isn’t something specific you want.

pr33k3342d ago

the savings are nuts as well

TheEnigma31342d ago

Facts. I already have for ps5 games waiting for me and i haven’t bought one yet.

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jambola42d ago

i like how the info is in a tiny tiny tiny square that can't be enlarged
really makes it easier to read when it's smaler than my ds

MrNinosan42d ago

I already got just above 1000 of those games, so only 4k to go 😅

SurgicalMenace42d ago

A little over a 1200, myself but man....5k is a lot.

phoenixwing42d ago

Yeah but how much total garbage games are on there? Like maybe 500 to 1000 are junk

42d ago
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