GiN Review: Far Cry 2

John Breeden writes:

"When the original Farcry came out, most people were amazed at the quality of the graphics, myself included. I know I was supposed to be shooting the mercenaries but I just wanted to walk around their sandy beaches and swim in the cool blue water. Today, even though we are more used to high levels of eye candy, Farcry still holds its own in terms of graphical quality. Farcry 2 follows this tradition, though amazing graphics are pretty much par for the course these days, so the game doesn't stand out quite so much.

The original game had a pretty good storyline. You were basically a normal guy, a charter boat captain, who gets caught on an island in the Pacific being chased by mercenaries amid the lush foliage, the ruins of a World War II Japanese garrison, and some modern buildings that look like they were constructed by a James Bond-like agency of super villains. And then of course there were the stupid monsters. The game was great, but everyone hated the monsters, which could leap 50-feet and kill you in one or two swipes. They also could absorb way too many bullets before going down.

Thankfully, Farcry 2 has nothing to do with mutants. In fact, it takes place on a different continent. You play a mercenary and can even pick what you look like and your background, though I don't see how this actually affects the game at all. I'm not sure why the choices are even there other than perhaps to have some multiplayer skins."

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