RETURN to the World of "God of War"

Cecil Kim From Santa Monica Studios writes:

Hello all, This is Cecil Kim from Sony Santa Monica Studio.
Here I've posted some of my work on God of War II franchise (dated between 2005-7). I am currently working on God of War III as a lead concept artist.

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TrevorPhillips3601d ago

i seriously cannot wait for this game to come out so excited best graphics game ever close to beowulf XD

Saint Sony3601d ago

We shall see how world economics affect this serie, will it stay exclusive or go multiplatform.

Surely one title to wait for what ever happens.

lokiroo4203601d ago

My guess is exc, I bet the bluray is filled to the max, 5 discs, uh not happeniing.

Fishy Fingers3601d ago

Multiplat? Aren't Santa Monica developing this? A in house Sony studio. No multiplat here I'm afraid.

Pennywise3601d ago

Saint Sony... Did you not think before you typed that or are you just trying to ruffle feathers?

Saint Sony3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

but no, these times nothing is impossible. We have seen it before, many exclusives, both 360/PS3 has gone multiplat just because companies wants to make better profit out of their products. Even if it is Sony doing this game does not mean they would not want to make money out of it. (Not saying PS3 can't bring the profit)

World economy is in pretty fragile form atm. Anything could happen.

EDIT: old house or not, Sony do sell their products worldwide, even movies through xbox360 netflix service. Would be stupid to ignore possible market that you could make millions with, but of course in fanboy point of view that would be MADNESS!

3601d ago
DarthTigra 3601d ago

You really think sony would bring this to 360 lmao.

3601d ago
SL1M DADDY3601d ago

And hit that little "ignore" button under Saint Sony's user pic. People like that need to be restricted to the open zone for good.

As for the game God of War III... I am looking forward to this title very much so.


I am the god of war.No game shall defy me... ;-D

SuperM3601d ago

Saint sony, your comments make as much sense as saying all 360 exclusives can come out on PS3. Halo, gears(actually can happen), forza, fable, you name it. After all MS wouldnt want ignore a market like the PS3. They could make more profit out of it...

Now please go away so that we can have a somewhat mature conversation here. /shoo

hay3601d ago

GoW2 was incredible, but this installment will pretty much own.
*imagines epic locations from GoW2 in PS3 possibilities*

Sarcasm3601d ago

"but no, these times nothing is impossible. We have seen it before, many exclusives, both 360/PS3 has gone multiplat just because companies wants to make better profit out of their products"


SONY Santa Monica...

Not Microsoft Santa Monica

Did the Killzone 2 multiplat article really get into the 360 fans head that much?

- Ghost of Sparta -3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Your kind get sadder and sadder by the hour.

God of War games are developed and owned by Sony. Maybe you should do a little research before you decide to spam nonsense in the Gamer Zone.

ShAkKa3601d ago

are you for real? because if you are, you sir are a big ignorant.

Pennywise3601d ago

hahaha - Saint Sony, thanks for the laugh.

Sony would never make a game for the 360. NEVER. Times will never get that rough. Plus, how do you make a game the 360 cant handle play on the machine?

ultimolu3601d ago

What are you rambling about?

thereapersson3601d ago

This is published and OWNED by Sony. I hardly think that Sony would sell of its own, first-party IP's, regardless of the market volatility.

Quit grasping for straws; you look really desperate when you say such nonsense.

Saint Sony3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

You guys can't even think anything like this. PS3 is so damn precious :D.. hehehe

Come on please do ignore me, it won't change a thing. Sony will sell your soul, it does not give a damn about YOU!

edit: @below, that's why I play with every possible console, including handhelds. Less reason to worry about exclusives ;)

ultimolu3600d ago

Saint Sony...Microsoft and the 360 could give two craps about you as well.

ThatCanadianGuy3600d ago

GOW2 was amazing..i've been playing it religiously on my PS2 lately.
The part with the "Steeds of time" Just blew my mind how good the graphics were.And that's a freakin PS2 game.

I have no doubt in my mind that GOW3 will deliver on all fronts.

ultimolu3600d ago

And yet you're always bashing Sony and the PS3. :)

I will have two consoles and I will treat them equally.

Dark General3600d ago

Oy you obviously don't know business that well. WHen two major companies are in a huge rivalry like MS's gaming division and Sony's gaming division NEITHER will ever admit defeat. Something like putting one of your staple titles is doing just that. Specially when a race this close. A big powerhouse franchise such as the GoW series. Nice try though at trying to ruffle feathers. I'd give you a B.

Amazing concept art on that site. In fact i've saved a few of them to my comp. Some from GoW and some not.

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lokiroo4203601d ago

This dude will melt your face and blow your mind with a pen and piece of paper! WOW!

ultimolu3601d ago


I can't wait for that trailer on Sunday. O-o

TrevorPhillips3601d ago

my 3 big games im getting

Resident Evil 5
God of War 3
Killzone 2

Sarcasm3601d ago

No Gran Turismo 5, FFXIII or White Knight Chronicles?

Fishy Fingers3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Gorgeous art work, that dude can draw!

One of them has the date 03.05.05.

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