Deathloop Game Update 1 adds NVIDIA DLSS, Dualsense Audio Support, and more

Bethesda and Arkane Studios are pleased to announce today that Deathloop Game Update 1 is available now for both PS5 and PC via Steam that adds NVIDIA DLSS, and more.

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slowgamer51d ago

Thats good news, seems like a great patch. Though I don't have the game yet.
Dualsense audio on pc.. I'll have to google wtf is that. ^^

Darkborn51d ago

It's for the duelsense controller. On ps5 and ps4 games actually, a lot of the audio your character says comes out in the duelsense and the audio from the other assassin in this game comes out in the screen for immersion. Plus noises like reloading weapons and stuff are played on the controller like it's your hands.

TakeTori51d ago

It's a little frustrating that all the DualSense features are mostly coming out for FPS games. Controller is my never my first choice for FPS games, but I'm curious about the DualSense features.