600k Day One Dark Knight Blu-ray Sales

"Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video, estimates The Dark Knight could sell its 1 millionth Blu-ray Disc copy by Saturday. He spoke to Home Media Retailing and offered this, "In the first two days across those three territories, Blu-ray Disc sales are running between 25% and 30% of total sales, which is a massive number. We had expected Blu-ray to account for a significant percentage of sales, but not quite this high, which speaks well for the format. It's really catching on with consumers.""

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Nineball21123596d ago

I can't see anyone being taken seriously if they say the Blu-ray isn't catching on at this point.

There is article after article showing that Blu-ray is being embraced at a phenomenal rate.

If I don't get this movie for Christmas, I'll be at the store on the 26th picking up a copy! :-)


But i can still bet u before 2day ends u will see another blu ray is not doing well article.!!!

The Killer3596d ago

lets take a good lough at the 360 who bought HD-DVD and the anti blue ray campaign and celebrate the victory and the next gen of format with the blue ray!!

ps3 is the best gaming console and the best blue ray player!! what u need more? yes we need another price cut and with some more games but they r on the way and already there is so many good games!!
MGS4,LBP,R2,uncharted etc
HOME is coming this week or next!
blue ray is slowly take the market from DVD!

d2dahoopa3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I would say, yes Blu Ray is starting to come around now,, but i would say do not go to rush out and get one,,

Due to the fact of Digital Downloads.... everybody knows about them, just people are buying the Blu rays, but Blu Ray wont Last as long as DVD Is/Has/Will

Be Warned.....

Wow I upset some blu ray fans lol

Mainman3596d ago

It would've been 600k + 1, but I am saving for a new tv. I'll probably buy Dark Knight next month or something.

Andras843596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

...that internet speeds are not fast enough. It takes hours to download an HD movie. And think about the space. I have more than a 100 blu-ray movies. avarage of 18gb/movie. that's 1.8TB. That's a large amount of space man.

Untill internet becomes so fast that it takes a minute to download movies and HDD's become 100TB at least you won't see DD. And that will take a long time to get here.

boodybandit3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Be warned.
By the time DD will replace physical media we will be flying instead of driving to work. You guys that say otherwise are completely clueless.

Back on topic.
I am not the least bit surprised by these numbers. When I picked up DK from BBuy most the people around me were doing the same. Best Buy had them in a display at the front door and nearly everyone walking in was grabbing a copy. BluRay is going to become the norm sooner than most thought possible.

HiDef displays are becoming more affordable every month. More and more of my friends that don't have a Hi Def TV are picking one up this year and all of them already own a PS3.

ceedubya93596d ago

why bring the 360 into a discussion about The Dark Knight on Blu-ray? Let's stick to the subject at hand please, and not try to start up stuff.

Back on topic. This doesn't surprise me. If there was one movie to decide to get on BR as opposed to DVD, then this would be one. Its one of the biggest movies of the year, and if you have a standalone player or a PS3, why not buy it on BR? I know I did.

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues with lesser movies.

SL1M DADDY3596d ago

At local grocery stores. If that is not a sign of widespread adoption then I don't know what is. If soccer moms are buying BD's then you know the market is getting penetrated by BD movies and to deny that at this time is pure fanboy hate from the "other side".

Mr_Bun3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

ahh, the first negative offer proof that 'common sense' isn't all that common.

anh_duong3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

actually don reisinger still thinks blu-ray will die tomorrow.

now for all the haters:

if people think fast internet will kill blu-ray then i wonder what they will think it will do to the xbox:

and just google xbox+megaupload

(free direct download)

At 50 Mbps, downloading a 5 GB (typical isze of a compressed xbox game) file, such as a 112-minute video takes approximately 13.3minutes .50Mbps mean an xbox iso downloads faster than it will take you to get ready to go to the local game shop.

honestly, the ability to download a 6gbiso file in a few minutes is going to have a huge impact on any console that is as easily flashed as the 360...

sometimes it might not be such a good idea to wish for something that you think will make your insecurity go away..

Nineball21123596d ago

Well, according to this story:

"When given a choice, 79% of survey respondents said they would rather transfer files from discs than download the content from the Internet."

So, obviously, people aren't too hip on DD and I can't see that trend changing anytime soon.

SL1M DADDY3596d ago

Not really, you simply just showed us how ignorant you are. Track the history of winning formats and tell us what you see. Then, once you have an understanding of the track records, reply back with some educated responses.

d2dahoopa3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

@ boodybandit
nah i wouldnt say that, the speed in which technology is now moving,, i really would expect things to take off a lot faster than you think,, 100MB Broadband before 2012 come on now just think about things.

@ Mr Bun
im not actually trying to be negative towards anything,, me posting my opinion,, because you disagree with me, there is no need to state that i am being negative and do not have common sense.

but i guess if common sense is being a sheep and following everybody buying Blu Ray, then yes i have no common Sense.

@ Nineball2112
since when does anythign in this world come down to what we really want, come on now think about it for a second,,
just remember what a survey said when the world is trying to get everyone having chips in their hands,, Be Warned... ^_^

Yes i have no track record of how how thigns went, but i do recall DVD staying at a high price for a longer time than Blu Ray has stayed, and Blu Ray should cost more than DVD Period,, wichin 12 months Blu Ray will Cost as much as DVD,
when things go cheap there is usually a reason with every thing to Tv's Xbox's ipods, everything!!

solidt123596d ago

Digital downloads sounds cool but too the mass market it is way to early to be adopted by most people. I like the digital copy option better that Blu-Ray gives you because you get a physical copy of the disc and you can put it on multiple devices versus download where if your hard drive crashes your screwed.

Mr_Bun3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

You are being keep posting about Blu-ray dying in "4 years" and "DD FTW"...As for your "sheep" comment, people buying Blu-ray are doing so because of the quality that comes with BR...both Visual and Audio...not because they are following other people.

anh_duong3596d ago

d2dahoppa, do you know what fast internet will do to the xbox piracy scene?

how long does it take to download a typical psp iso??? imagine the same sort of time with an xbox 360 iso and you understand what i am talking about.

d2dahoopa3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

@ solidt12
I honour your comment,, im not saying that i want Digital Downloads to come, becqause personally i like having the actually disc, this is why i still purchase from the store rather than the net,, but i just see it coming, i dont know when im just guessign,, it will start with rentals first though,,

but whatever happens, i dont care ill still be watching my film in HD, maybe 4D HD ^_^

@ anh_duong

it doesnt matter what it does to another consumer, its the world and evolotion, think back to 9-10 years ago, and compare it to today, how was piracy as a whole then compared to now?!

The Lazy One3596d ago

If you could download an hd movie in minutes, we wouldn't need hard drives anymore.

MNicholas3596d ago

Reality check for Dreamcast fans:

Blu-ray went from catching 15-20% of big releases to 25-30% in under six months.

Let's face it, Sony's trojan horse has transformed the marketplace.

BTW, how are download/streaming movies doing? 1%

XxZxX3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

"d2dahoopa,nah i wouldnt say that, the speed in which technology is now moving,, i really would expect things to take off a lot faster than you think,, 100MB Broadband before 2012 come on now just think about things."

Think about things, you sure dont think at all. LOL sure 100mb broadband will be available on 2012?? You sir are one clueless and misinformed dude. Let us talk about the Infrastructure, if the mainstream adopted 100mb broadband by 2012, first thing it will do brought the whole internet into the knees unless they have to rewire the whole world again which cost a fortune, second of all it will broke ISP to death. You have no idea how much bandwidth cost to you, do you. Third, did you see the economy lately, how would technology advance so fast when we have such huge recession coming. Thanks for the comment, sure show how ignorant you are.

jadenkorri3596d ago

whast stopping someone from downloading that DD copy onto someone elses computer, and if your cp crashes/HD crashes, how mnay dls do u have before you have to rebuy, there are alot of unknowns, and flaws in DD, compared to buying once the digital Disc, whether blu ray or dvd, yes if it scraches, you would need to buy a new one, but thats your fault, cp crashes are not usually persons fault...right now psn as an example only allows 5 dls of there online games, im not sure of live dls, but i know pcs donwloaded games are liek 3 installs max or maybe 5 depending on company...still dvd is the best way for now

jrsenkbe3596d ago

You say DD is coming soon. People that think are crazy. Music is the ONLY form of media worth DD. It increases the quality, however movie DD decrease the quality, plus I really dont see your average Joe going out and buying a HDD to store all of his information. The average person uses a computer at work and internet surfing not to perform downloads. Plus stores like Best Buy, Target, etc.. would never allow it, they would lose so much business. Not gonna happen.

cayal3596d ago

Imagine your house getting burgled and ALL your movies gone because they took your PC...

DD won't be happening soon. Whenever it comes, high speeds will only be affordable for 5% of the world...if that. 5% of the world will not sustain DD. Not even close.

95% of the world either have no internet, dial-up, or speeds that are realistically impossible to download a movie before the world ends.

Sarcasm3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I wonder if the LOTR Trilogies on Blu-Ray is going to sell well? All I know is that I want my copies next year.

So after the Dark Knight, what other big release will there be?

jadenkorri3596d ago

man ur comment was such a waste, cmon, someone breaking into ur house and just taking ur pc, right thats gonna happen, when they break in they will take everything, including your bluray/dvd collection, ur games, ur consoles, even ur hd tv...

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MegaMohsi3596d ago

Wait, I thought Blu-ray was pointless and was never gonna catch on?

I wonder how many D.D. copies of this movie sold...

shelbygt333596d ago

Isn't it available on the PSN? If so, I think your 0 is a ways off.

And we all knew this was going to sell, right? It's encouraging that the percentages are high, yes, but BR is still a ways off from pushing DVD out of existence just yet.

SaiyanFury3596d ago

I've been a BD lover since I first got my PS3 and my standalone player in January this year. BD rules and The Dark Knight rules as well. I haven't seen such a kickass movie in quite a while.

ultimolu3596d ago


Sold out at my local store for two days!

I hope the shipment comes today. I'm rushing home when work is over.

Bluray is a beast.


OFF TOPIC... r u really a girl :D

Nathaniel_Drake3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I preodered it 2 months ago on Amazon and waiting for USPS to deliver it, it says its in the same city now but it just won't come :(

Edit: Hey Juuken 2 people disagreed on you being a girl, hehehehe

ultimolu3596d ago

Maybe I should have said I was a guy. o_o

ultimolu3596d ago

I hated my other name. Needed a change.

Nineball21123596d ago

Because girls are allowed to change their minds at anytime, right Ultimolu? LOL...

My wife does anyways... *grumble*

ultimolu3596d ago

We are very picky at times. u_u

solidt123596d ago

My local Blockbuster sold out in one day due to a Blu-Ray player bundle with the movie deal they had. I was surprised that people were buying the players also, from Blockbuster? I had to go to Target to get a copy and they only had the special edition on the shelves for 29.99 but had more 25.99 copies in the back. This movie has done good for Blu-Ray.

cayal3596d ago

I bought this BR movie first day (which was the day before the official release). There is no way known I could have had the patience to wait for it to be delivered.

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Rich16313596d ago

I still haven't bought it yet, maybe after class today. This film was friggin' incredible.

Goon 1873596d ago

Glad I got it on blu-ray, I got Invited to the BD-Live Special Event with Christopher Nolan, the first 100,000 who sign up for BD Live and accept the inv gets in. The blu-ray was really worth it. Comes with 3 disc's. First disc,movie with Imax scenes, second disc is loaded with bonus stuff, close to 3hrs extra, then the last disc is a digital copy.

UltimateIdiot9113596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Same here, did you RSVP? So right now at this point, about 1 in 6 Dark Knight Bluray owners will get to do the chat with Nolan.

Just to clarify, I believe you actually have to log in to BD Live on Dark Knight Blu-ray before you can get the invite.

Goon 1873596d ago

yes I reserved my spot and yeah, you have to log in to BD Live on the dark knight before you can get an invite.

cayal3596d ago

Man you guys better find out if he is doing a 3rd one. Threaten him if you have to...