Halo Infinite Competitive Settings Reveal

World premiere gameplay of Halo Infinite competitive and ranked multiplayer settings, with commentary from Lead Multiplayer Designer, Andrew Witts, and former Halo pro and member of the 343 Competitive Insights team, Sal "El Town" Mohanan, with host Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky.

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masterfox46d ago

yep, like 99% of most MP FPS.

rlow146d ago

My comment was about Halo. I haven’t played multiplayer since Halo 3. It’s a lot faster and the grab move to go vertically is completely different. Which really changes the speed of things. So yes it’s fast and fluid.

spicelicka46d ago

Except better than 99% of them, nuance is key.

Julion071547d ago

Looks great, counting down the days

jznrpg46d ago

Some weird physics there

DJStotty46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It is because the player jumped as he was killed, was pretty funny, though i would rather be teabagged by the AI.

Multiplayer does look great though, can't wait to do some good old Halo MP (i miss the H3 days)