Larian Studios Talks All Things Baldur's Gate 3 With Huge Early Access Update | Developer Interview

GameByte writes: "We recently got the opportunity to sit down with one of the Senior Designers on Baldur's Gate 3 at EGX 2021, Edouard Imbert."

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TheRealTedCruz44d ago

Bought the game to support the studio. Played around with it a bit, but making a point not to delve into it until it's done.

Larian is easily one of my favorite RPG developers at the moment. There's only a handful of devs making real RPG experiences anymore, and most of them are indies and AA studios.

Bretty44d ago

It's a lot of fun but I definitely get the urge not to dive in too much. Always the issue with Early Access games!

Sunny1234544d ago

Divinity original sin 2 is one the best games I played last decade. If anyone is an rpg fan dos2 is a must. Will wait for full release before I delve into Baldurs gate 3

Bretty44d ago

It's one of those I can't wait to play but keeps getting moved down the backlog list every month 😢 One day I will play it!

Sunny1234544d ago

It was the most fun I had playing an rpg in a long time. 200 hours of pure fun, for platinum trophy.

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