2008 Gamezine Awards: Your PSP Winner Is

In another landslide victory, Gamezine's top PSP game of 2008 won your hearts with its brutal action and classic hack and slash gameplay.

God of War: Chains of Olympus won with 48% of the votes, setting the series up nicely for its PlayStation 3 release. And if it can be as perfect and engaging as God of War on the PSP, then Kratos will soon have success on next-gen hardware too.

Second place goes to Square Enix's Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which was awarded 24% of your votes, leading out the charming Patapon at 9%.

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Nineball21123597d ago

Nice!! And like the article says, this leads into the PS3 release as far as interest.

Not that anyone in the world ISN'T interested in GoW3!

SL1M DADDY3597d ago

Chains on the PSP was a great title and if they can capture the same fun and spruce it up with PS3 graphics, they will have a true hit on their hands. Heck, not that anybody did not know that already though. lol

solidt123597d ago

Easily the best PSP game of the year with FFIV Crisis Core right behind in a close 2nd.

techie3597d ago

I bet most of the votes came from n4g, if so...n4g has good taste. All the winners in the Gamezine comp have been spot on so far. Why do journalists like to think they know what's best!? Let the majority decide!

SONYSLAVE3597d ago

where is the outselling DS game awards??! oh yeah this is News4droids

techie3597d ago

You can vote for it on there still. They are announcing them daily. DS is tomorrow you tard.

DarkBlood3597d ago

i only have 2 psp games and that is god of war and crisis core and i got the god of war psp in august and are indeed awsome games