If You Worked For Less Than a Year on Metroid Dread, You Won't be Credited

For former MercurySteam employees that worked less than 25% of the time (a year or less) on Metroid Dread, they apparently aren't receiving credit for their work.

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Neonridr54d ago

Kinda bad on the company to not recognize everyone who was involved with the development. Look at some movies credits. Sometimes they credit the dogs of the workers. Zero excuse here.

LordoftheCritics52d ago

Absolutely. Every input is still input.

isarai53d ago

Well that's BS, dont see why, it's just text.

Kaii53d ago

Imagine throwing 80-hour workweeks or more on these projects & these assholes pull this, disgusting trash.
End credits aside, I truly appreciate everyone's contributed efforts on game development.

LordoftheCritics52d ago

I'm sorry sir but you only worked 364 days.

boing153d ago

Well, I worked for a company which didn't put me in the credits because I left 2 months before release, after almost 3 years of work. Date was moved three times and I was sooo sick of it that I said 'I'm not doing this anymore' and quit.

MaximusTKG53d ago

That sounds more like your fault than anything. Are they supposed to feel bad for you because you quit because you couldn’t do it anymore? You were sick of it. Were they paying you to do a job? Then you just quit? Did you give a notice or just walk out? Likely the latter, and likely the reason you aren’t on some credit reel nobody looks at. Hang on, I need to unpack my tiny violin.

boing153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Wow, you're assuming a lot. I didn't say I'm sad because of it. I knew I won't be in the credits because that was and probably still is company policy. I wasn't the only one who wasn't in the credits because of this. I would question the fairness of the policy itself, though. Especially after such a long time. Notice was given and we came apart just fine, without any bad blood. The stories I've heard after I left, though? They only re-assured me it was a good decision.

LoveSpuds53d ago

I am just glad I don't live in the US, your workers rights are utterly atrocious. I guess people like Maximus help that lack of rights continue.

monkey60253d ago

I've never said this before, because it's typically a meaningless statistic but I'm glad the disagrees are stacking up for your opinion on this. A take like that deserves to be ignored

dudeOplenty52d ago

@MaximusTKG - Who hurt you to make you this kind of person? I’m sorry for whatever they did to you.

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The story is too old to be commented.