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Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity Is An Incredible Showcase Of What VR Can Offer

GameByte writes: "Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity is an intense return to the world of Far Cry 3. It also sees the return of the iconic villain Vaas."

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Community219d ago
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TakeTori219d ago

Cool, but if I can't buyt it for my Rift, I'm not interested. Seeing this got my hopes up all crazy, but it turned out to be a nothing burger. We're really starved for AAA VR content.

SullysCigar219d ago

I think once PSVR2 launches the whole VR industry will boom. I love my PSVR, but the controllers and (to a lesser degree) the headset are well overdue a refresh.

Sony already said they have a focus on hybrid games - AAA games playable flat or in VR - and I'm hopeful that will get the big devs with the big bucks properly on board with VR. Should certainly get more casual gamers' attention!

It can only be good news for all VR, I think, and Rift, Quest and whatever else comes out should all benefit from the shift, hopefully.

TakeTori219d ago

Possibly. Though I fear it will come at the cost of PlayStation exclusivity, so we might see a lot of cool AAA VR games out for PS5, but they will be PlayStation exclusives forever or for a limited time, so we won't ever see those games on PC or they will come much later. Meaning that PCVR users, who ironically spent the most money on VR tech, are going to be the ones who got screwed the most because we didn't buy into the Quest or PSVR platforms.

The only company who could really save the PCVR market at this rate is Valve, but they won't because they take too long to produce games, and instead of just funding and publishing smaller games, they like to assimilate smaller companies into their family, only for those companies and their projects to sort of die out because developers are free to abandon any project at will.

Bretty219d ago

Hopefully some version fo Far Cry VR comes to Rift and general VR at some point soon.

GenWorld219d ago

Boneworks literally exist. How are you going to top that, thats what we care about and want to see. What's next for AAA VR.

FreeFallFrenzy219d ago

What I want: an open VR setting where you can lay out boxes, hay bails, etc into a field, the headsets scan the environment, and randomly creates a virtual field, whatever it is, where and you and your friends can play. That way you can play wherever/whenever you want with the tech you already have. No having to go to a previously set up room and spend way too much money. This is cool, but it always costs too much

EvertonFC219d ago

Sounds good that. You could setup your own sports day with friends in the field space or archery competitions, log throwing etc etc just give the players a space and loads of objects to spawn into the world

Skate-AK219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

That sounds more like AR (augmented reality) to me. Tbh. Don't disagree with you though.