Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone Is a Dark Zone-like Mode for 32 Players [Wccftech]

Wccftech got a detailed overview of Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone, the third gameplay mode. It can be likened to The Division's Dark Zone.

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RaidenBlack55d ago

So since Battle Royale has been milked to death, they switch their crosshair over to Tarkov and Hunt:Showdown?

Alexious55d ago

At least it's a bit more interesting.

RaidenBlack55d ago

Yes, Mr. Palumbo ... until this also gets milked to death.
Wasn't Ubisoft already re-attempting this with GR Frontline?

Alexious55d ago


Yes, although they've now postponed testing so there's a chance they might tweak the gameplay mechanics after the backlash of fans.

InUrFoxHole55d ago

Dude what's the issue here? "until this also gets milked to death". So you're saying it's not milked yet, but once it does it renders all games with those modes trash?

generic-user-name55d ago

I'm sick of hearing this. Battle Royale is a game mode. Nobody was complaining about Deathmatch or Capture the Flag being done in every mp game for the past 20 years. Why are some modes ok to copy but not Battle Royale?

Inverno55d ago

I remember people complaining about DM back during the PS360 days. Something about it being overdone. Also BR can't be "just a game mode" when there's a bunch of games centered around the concept. BR is overdone and devs keep pushing it on everyone

Rachel_Alucard55d ago

When was the last time Deathmatch got a whole game based around it and nothing else? You forget entire games had to be designed for BR specifically like Apex, Spellbreak, Naraka, etc. It is being pushed to the forefront for support over other games. For example, Warzone is now the dumping ground for all purchased cosmetics in the CoD series since support only lasts a year for the titles and any purchased cosmetics are just wasted otherwise. It is annoying to have support pulled/diminished for a title you played and prioritized for one you don't play.

generic-user-name55d ago

@Inverno and @Rachel

It doesn't matter if some games are centered around BR, that doesn't change the fact that it's just a game mode. A game with well established rules and goals, just like DM, CTF, TDM etc etc. There are many games where BR is an optional mode such as BFV, Fortnite (started life as a co-op game), COD BLOPS 4 etc.

You complain about Warzone and say devs keep pushing BR on everyone, yet Warzone is ironically the only type of COD that isn't annualized. You'll say nothing when Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard all come out year after year, regurgitating the same old TDM/CTF/S&D etc, but because Warzone gets useless cosmetics instead of new releases that makes it bad?

DarthMarvin55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yeah, they were. I was one of them. It's what made Enemy Territory such an amazing game, it broke the mould. It's also why we desperately need a new Enemy Territory.

ChubbyBlade55d ago

It would be fine if it WAS just a gamemode but devs are abandoning ips to to chase the trend and slapping names all over them that don’t belong.

Fans wanted a real Ghost Recon after how bad breakpoint was. A return to form. A hardcore military game like the older titles. But then they announced a ghost recon BR/EFT thing on the 20th anniversary instead.

Rachel_Alucard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


So a free 2 play 18 year old title that never took off in the industry is the last time when anyone attempted to do anything? You proved my point well

You broke your point when you brought up all the other modes. Warzone not being annualized has absolutely nothing to do with my point, and CoD should never have been annualized in the first place. You proved my point by pointing out that Warzone is it's own thing instead of just another mode too. I don't even need to use Warzone as an example I can search the BR tag on Steam and there's 41 titles on their own all dedicated to being a BR game and nothing else. The concept of a mode and a game is the fact I don't need to make a whole game to satisfy a single mode, whereas in a game with more traditional modes it can be played outside of playing deathmatch or any other generic modes and allows more variety in that department. Good luck trying to play VIP, zombies, Oddball, KOTH, Domination, Demolition, Gun game, etc. in a BR game.

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FortWaba55d ago Show
Atticus_finch55d ago

If it's done well who cares. The quality is what matters.

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AnotherGamer55d ago

Like Hunt: Showdown? Now that's interesting.

eaze201355d ago

I always wanted to try out Hunt, how does this work in Hunt btw? Out of curiosity? :O

Blade9255d ago

Check out some gameplay videos. Hunt showdown is fucking awesome!

smolinsk55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Really excited about the BR that's coming down the line with this game 😊. The Battle royal mode is only in the baby stage, there's so much more that can be done with a way longer survival style and bigger maps. Nice to see battle royal style modes like tarkov and hunt showdown doing so well. Love the creative modes based on BRs that are out.

Atticus_finch55d ago

Battlefield actually has my attention somewhat this year. If the game is any good I'll get it once it is discounted.

SixFrvgz55d ago

Mode will be have bots/AI... wack. Such a terrible design choice for this game overall. Why would you want to play a competitive multiplayer game with/against bots? How this element of 2042 ever got green-lit is one of many baffling design choices by DICE. Already trying to compensate for a weak playerbase to make sure their servers are populated when no one is actually playing it.


I’m also surprised that they can’t keep matchmaking time down for a game mode that just needs 8 teams

smolinsk55d ago

That's like every other multiplayer with bots, they all have it even BRs have then all the time, it's actually impossible to have BRs and multiplayer without bots to fill lobbys op.

gamer955d ago

I think filling human spots with bots is dumb, like when PUBG implemented it out of nowhere and killed their own game. But bots are part of the hazard zone design, i don't see the problem, same thing division did, tarkov, etc - it's part of the design. I assume they are going to be easily identifiable which are bots - but given the beta i'm not so sure! Lol

Psychotica55d ago

I wouldn't mind playing against bots if they actually played like people. But they just seem to be scurrying around with no real purpose. How is it they have bots running around with no weapons and trying to fist fight? I seen a bot who was just throwing smoke grenades for no particular reason. In my opinion they're either incomplete or broken.

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