PS5 Holiday Registration Opened By Sony For a Chance To Buy Console

Sony are giving their US customers a chance to get a PS5 easily even though the quantity is limited and yet we welcome this with open arms.

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sammarshall10247d ago

Good luck to everyone here that is still trying to get a PS5. You have some good games waiting for you already

darthv7247d ago

I already have the 5 disc edition but I do want that digital edition. I threw my hat into the ring, we'll see what happens.

Neonridr47d ago

I read that as 5 disc editions XD. I was about to tell you off, lol

Sayai jin46d ago

Why would you tell him to
... off? We were lucky (super lucky) enough tp get several of both current gen consoles for our home, fanily and friends.

Neonridr45d ago

@Sayai jin - while some people who purchase multiple consoles have good intentions, plenty of people out there prey on the innocent to help line their own pockets. It's not something I can justify. I get it happens and there's nothing we can do about it, but it's an awful practice.

Now if you happen to get 5 consoles to help out your family and friends then good on you.

Bigman4k46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I see why you getting downvotes because you already have a PlayStation 5 but want another one i have a PlayStation5 too and i dont want another one unless it breaks smh this is why people cant find one now because of people like you unless someone willing to spend $1000 to $1200 on ebay,walmart,amazon

darthv7246d ago

"People like me"... you mean an actual gamer who would rather own it that flip it? Yeah... Id rather there were more people like me. We would all get our own and leave the rest for others to get one too. Ehh... its no sweat. If I do I do, if I dont I dont. I doubt my 1 extra is throwing off the axis of the earth and causing the millions of others to suffer in eternal darkness. That is the scalper bots doing that.

RedDevils45d ago

I have a ps5, and I still bough one more for my cousin.

rlow146d ago

Honestly, this has been a weird two years for the world. Closest console launch I can compare it to, in terms of availability, was the PS2. but it’s shortage was roughly 3-4 month tops. This takes the cake.

DaReapa46d ago

Agreed. I remember working at Circuit City at the time and we opened an hour early for launch of the PS2. I think we had a shipment of about 50 consoles come in. They were all wiped out within 10 seconds of us opening the door.

I was finally lucky enough to bag a PS5 two weeks ago after countless failed attempts since launch last year.

Snakeeater2546d ago

I think you don’t remember the wii

rlow146d ago

Funny thing, I don't remember their being an issue that lasted that long with the Wii. But I was living in Hawaii when both machines launched, of course the Ps2 being the earlier of the two. On the Island the Wii wasn't a problem to get. But of course that could've been a different experience where you lived. All I know is the PS2 was out of order for months and the demand was crazy. Not only just for the games but it was cheaper than any stand alone DVD player at the time. The Wii, which did sellout right away, was replenished pretty quick It was the success nobody knew was going to happen and really hit its stride the following 2007 holiday season. But again, I really didn't see any major shortages other than the initial launch allotment.

Magog46d ago

And it's also the fastest selling Playstation ever. The demand is incredible.

Aloymetal46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I just registered, I need one for my nephew, they said they have limited quantities so I'm not really optimistic.

medman46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Every time I look at my ps5 (and series x) I consider myself fortunate because my brother has been trying to get a ps5 for a year now with no luck and I happened to get lucky and get a ps5 and series x at launch, although the xbox delivery was delayed about two weeks. Neither he nor I thought the shortages would last this long but here we are, and we may still be in this state a year from now in 2022. Crazy times.

Good luck in your quest for consoles people. May the force be with you.

Elda46d ago

It was pure luck I was able to pre-order a PS5 from Gamestop & pick it up at the release date.

medman46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I did the same, but I got in store pick up for ps5 from Best Buy. Absolute luck. I asked how many ps5's that particular store had gotten in, and he said about 130.

Aloymetal46d ago

Got mine when Sony first announced it, went to Amazon to preorder and secured one, then just for fun I went back to see if they were still available and they were all gone, this was all in a matter of 10 secs after I placed my order. I was lucky af lol.

Aloymetal46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The force is helping people for sure lol, back early this year out of my 67 friends on psn, only one was rocking a ps5, but now half of them are on PS5. So yeah, good luck to those still on the hunt;)

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The story is too old to be commented.