9.0 Resistance 2: PS3 Review

The first game had quiet a lot to prove -- Resistance was to the PS3 what Gears of war was to the Xbox 360, so it had really high expectations. The game proved to be a hit and sold over 2 million copies and racked in great reviews as well. This time Insomniac games are back with their second offering, a direct sequel to the game, simply named Resistance 2 and its awesome. The game is way better than the first and more feature rich as well. Insomniac has set a new benchmark for themselves, delivering a solid title which reflects on today's demands by gamers, quantity and quality, they want games to do more and do better. Read on to know more about the game and why it should be on your list this holiday season.

The game does have a few issues, most importantly the enemy AI. The enemy AI is not so smart and at times too easy to kill, they come running around when there is plenty of cover nearby. The game difficulty is also pretty unpredictable, which can be a little irritating. I also think that Insomniac should have extended the co-op with some missions from the main plot. The co-op is fun and the fact that it has a different storyline is also commendable, but some single player missions are just too good, and I don't see a reason why, a friend couldn't join in to enjoy the game.

All in all, this is one fantastic title that deserves to be a part of your PS3 library. It's much better than its predecessor, its too much fun and offers more than what you pay for it. I say go buy it now.

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