WorthPlaying Review - 'Ninjatown'

WorthPlaying: "You would think it would be hard to make ninjas cute. They're bloodthirsty, trained in dozens of ways to kill a man, skulk around in shadows and wield sharp, deadly weapons. Just look at Ninja Gaiden. They're about the least friendly bunch of folk you could imagine, and it's got to be tough to make a town full of them completely kid-friendly, hilarious and adorable.

Ninjatown is a strategy title based on the Shawnimals toy line, or so it tells me on the back of the packaging. I can't really say how effective an advertisement this game is, and I never feel like I'm being sold a product at any point, but it's still a licensed game, which usually puts up my guard. However, Ninjatown, with its simple "defend your castle" gameplay, super-cute visuals and smooth DS interface, managed to dash my fears within minutes of picking it up. The world of the Wee Ninjas is a fun one to dive into, where the next punch line is never more than a 10- to 15-minute battle away."

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