New report says FIFA wants "more than double" from EA to renew licence

Last week, EA shared the surprise news it's currently "exploring the idea of renaming" its long-running FIFA football series - and we might now know why; a new report claims the football association wants EA to pay "more than double" its current deal to continue using its licence.

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Magog45d ago

When unstoppable greed meets immovable avarice.

VenomUK44d ago

The thing is if EA choose not renew the license then FIFA has flushed its previous income down the toilet as there will be no other publisher interested in it... unless a couple of years later Konami picks up the license for cheap and renames eFootball, FIFA!

Profchaos44d ago

You're kidding every publisher or there would take FIFA it's a license to print money parents don't know the Dev they see the name same as kids who but it

Relientk7745d ago (Edited 45d ago )

And that's why EA wants to change the name. It's about money. With EA it's always about money.

Yi-Long45d ago

I think EA is right to reject this kind of nonsense though. Paying a ridiculous amount of money just to be able to use the FIFA name is kinda useless.

isarai45d ago

It's most likely because EA has been making garbage Fifa games and they're not happy with it. Seriously EAs reputation with It's sports games are infamously terrible, but there's little to no alternative so fans just put up with it.

kimbomma144d ago


As long as EA's Fifa games bring in dump trucks full of cash FIFA could care less about the quality of the games. Don't be foolish enough to think FIFA cares, they just see how valuable the franchise is so they want more money upfront.

Psychotica43d ago

Almost like it's a for-profit business..

TheSaint43d ago

They make billions off FIFA games. Stop shilling for billion dollar corporations.

Psychotica43d ago

@TheSaint - And they have a right to, it's their product. Stop looking for free handouts.

-Foxtrot44d ago

Thing is if EA does drop the Fifa name, you are loosing that branding, the branding that is basically the main reason why these obsessed football fans buy the game. They see "Fifa" and just think "SOLD", especially with how long it's been over the many years and how their football games are associated to it.

You loose Fifa and what do EA have left? Just a really shitty football game without the Fifa name stuck to it.

Atom66644d ago

Is that worth 250m a year though?

I heard it's only the name and World Cup branding that they'd lose. That's not worth the asking price, even if it hurts sales.

People legitimately play the shit out of these games. Maybe they lose some players, but not enough to justify keeping the license imo.

ocelot0744d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Ultimate team on its own makes EA over $1 billion profit per game. That's not including game sales. So yer £250m per year don't seem so bad.

smolinsk44d ago

Precisely.. The Fifa name means so much more than the game itself, a poorly game held up by that name, without it they are gonna plummet sales wise..

44d ago
xetiro44d ago

Regardless the criticism from who obviously don’t play the game, FIFA 22 on PS5 is really a great football game.

I played every PES during the PS2 era, but with the transition to PS3 Konami have lost themselves.

About naming. EA Sports FIFA is a branding of several decades. Marketing makes by itself. So it will be a big change. Fortunately, big changes bring a lot of opportunity. EA can use part of that money and re-invest on the game itself and it’s new marketing.

Aloymetal44d ago

I'm not even a huge football fan but I remember playing the sh*** out of Winning 11 (8-9) om PS2.
Great games.

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