UK Sales Charts: Far Cry 6, Alan Wake Remastered Arrive in Top 10, Selling Best on PS5 writes: "A trend we've been seeing in the UK's physical charts the last couple of months is that cross-gen, multi-platform games tend to sell best on PlayStation 5. In the latest breakdown, Far Cry 6 debuts in second place on the list, having sold 47 per cent of copies on Sony's new hardware."

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zsquaresoff52d ago

It is just surprising why Ubisoft keeps marketing deals with Microsoft when their games sell best on Playstation?

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Neonridr51d ago

it's dollars to these companies. They don't care. The game sells on both platforms so they make money either way. Are we honestly suggesting that every 3rd party studio should just partner with Sony? What a wonderful gaming world that would create..

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Neonridr51d ago

@DreadHealer - My last line was sarcastic if you didn't notice. Bethesda is now owned by MS. MS will still release games on the PS5 because it makes sense as a business to do that. No doubt there will be plenty of exclusives there.

but to my original point, even if a studio does a marketing deal with one or the other the games will still sell on both platforms regardless. Just because Sony has the larger install base doesn't mean they should get every marketing deal.

Destiny108051d ago

sony only has to throw a company 50 bucks for them to go playstation exclusive in japan

i guess they could go xbox exclusive

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Neonridr51d ago

@DreadHealer - I think some of the larger games may still release on multiple systems. But I guarantee plenty of new IPs will be made for MS systems only.

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Neonridr51d ago

@DreadHealer - time will tell I guess

badz14951d ago

MS is no longer making games for the PS5. after the inquisition, MS will no longer make games for the PS5 unless those games were already planned before they bought them like Deathloop and for PS4 games like Outer Worlds and Psyconauts 2. Psyconauts 2 even got the native Xbox series version too while the PS5 doesn't.

gravedigger50d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Quote :
"given the vast difference in install bases it's no surprise the numbers skew heavily in favour of Sony. It's possible some people have been spoiled by Game Pass so they wait or hold off until it makes an appearance there. "

" considering the install base of the PS5 + PS4 VASTLY outnumbers the Xbox family was my point. It's only natural that there would be more 3rd party game sales on hardware that has like 75+ million more players"

You ARE SOOOO WRONG in many ways. Install base difference between PS4 and Xbone is at least +1.5 mil. in UK till PS5/Xseries launch.

PS4 was over 6 mil., while Xbone was little under 5. +1 mil. is not a big difference. UK is Xbox 2nd strongest market, yet it is demolished by Switch and PS in software sales.

PS5 passed 1 mil. mark in 39 weeks in UK ( PS4 was in 42 ), while XSeries still didn't. Soon there will be 1st year on the market.

And yet there is this :

UK Retail Sales Split :

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: 60% on PlayStation
Metro Exodus Complete Edition: 77% on PlayStation
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: 56% on PlayStation
FIFA 21: 62% on PlayStation
Cyberpunk 2077: 60% on PlayStation
Hitman III: 75% on PlayStation
F1 2021: 66% on PlayStation
Outriders: 83% on PlayStation
Biomutant: 71% on PlayStation
Scarlet Nexus: 79% on PlayStation
Life is Strange True Colors: 82% on PlayStation
Nier Replicant: 89% on PlayStation
NBA 2K22: 73% on PlayStation
Mass Effect Legendary: 68% on PlayStation
Resident Evil VIII: 80% on PlayStation
Hades: 93% on PlayStation
Lost Judgment: 90% on PlayStation
Tales of A Rise: 86% on PlayStation
NFL: 81% on PlayStation
FIA 22: 64% on PlayStation
Alan Wake Remastered: 84%on PlayStation

Small install base difference, yet big difference in game sales. So, you, Xbox fans asked for GamePass and you Xbox fans are buying less and less games. You have mentality ; "when it will come to Gamepass". And this is your support for devs, waiting when the game will come to Gamepass?

Neonridr50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

@gravedigger - do you have a source to show that the PS4 and XB1 were that close in sales in the UK? That seems a little too evenly split given the rest of the world's skew. Your link is almost 3 years old.

gravedigger50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Quote :

"Do you have a source to show that the PS4 and XB1 were that close in sales in the UK? That seems a little too evenly split given the rest of the world's skew. Your link is almost 3 years old. "

Evenly split, yet there is more than +1.3 mil. difference at least. Not big but it is, yet Xbone is demolished in software sales
Almost 3 years old link is enough to give you some insight about consoles LTD since last-gen ended in Nov. 2020. Xbone is discontinued a long ago, PS4 is maybe still selling in UK. But that doesn't matter, sales split was 1.2:1 at the beginning, grew to 1.35-4:1 in PS4 favor till end of the gen. There is no new link about PS4 and Xbone LTD, but surely wouldn't look better for Xbone since sales PS4 sales grew compared to Xbone from 2018 till end of the gen in UK. 3rd party software sales on Xbox are atrocious. It was atrocious during August 2021 NPD.

Neonridr50d ago

@gravedigger - yeah that was my point. Add two more years and that difference could easily be like 3 million extra consoles out there compared to Xbox. Would amount to a lot more sales on Sony platforms. Game pass certainly doesn't help either as people are too cheap to buy games nowadays.

gravedigger50d ago


Difference is surely not 3 mil. at all. That means PS4 got huuuge sales boost from beginning of 2019 till end of 2020 and also sales boost up to 2:1 compared to Xbone sales in UK. That never happened, worldwide, yes. . Also, even in early days when console split was 1.2:1, there was some big titles which sold at double amount on PS4 compared to Xbone. Witcher 3 i think. Anyway, software sales split just got bigger from 2018 and onwards, but PS4 Xbone split was 1.4:1 at most

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badz14951d ago (Edited 51d ago )

the GP effect. just as Phil wanted. I think Alan Wake will end up selling more on PS5 than it did on xbox all these years.

JEECE51d ago

And yet the next time I say that an upcoming game will sell better on PS5 than PS4, a bunch of people will continue to ignore all available data and say "but of course it will sell more on the bigger install base!"

glasstripper51d ago

Do you now what is the Xbox game pass?
I don't buy games for over 2 years.
People are so toxic.

Aloymetal51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

''Do you now what is the Xbox game pass?''
It's latest service from Phil & Company implemented to try and soften the hard spanking they have received from PlayStation. It hasn't worked since it was introduced as a ''Trojan horse'' back in June 2017 and they're still behind Sony n Nintendo GLOBALLY.
The word toxic is thrown around so much these days. Stop being a fairy.

JEECE51d ago

Yeah. I have it. But I don't understand how it relates to the difference in sales between PS5 and PS4, lol.

Silly gameAr50d ago

You call people toxic, yet you decide to wait for a game to release on Gamepass, instead of supporting the industry and the people who made the games. Ok.

darkrider50d ago

Sony is crushing it. They just Dont have competition sales wise. This numbers just shows how big is the diference also on software.

Proexposed50d ago

Remember this is just the uk sales Xbox is more of North America. Where PlayStation is more global so yes in uk and Japan they Will always sell more copies of games but throw North America and South America into the mix yes PlayStation will still sell more but the gap wouldn’t be as much as it’s shown here.

CobraKai50d ago

I’m shocked that Mario Kart and GTAV are still up there. I guess the new Switch model helped