BBC News: PlayStation home opens its doors

Tim Clark, editor in chief at Official PlayStation Magazine UK, told the BBC that delays were expected, as the project was a "hugely ambitious undertaking".

"The idea behind Home is to create a virtual space for PS3 owners to meet up, talk and play games - the easiest way to think of it is as a hybrid of Facebook, Second Life and the prettiest game lobby ever."

"Given the experience is dependant on a stable, lavish 3D environment, and the fact that while every PS3 is broadband enabled - while that obviously wasn't the case with PS2 - it's not surprising the project has taken some time."

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SL1M DADDY3596d ago

Definitely looking forward to DL'ing this and getting my hands wet with Home.

The Lazy One3596d ago

The BBC is a bunch of anti-PS3 noobs. just wait till Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 drop, and the PS3 will jump ahead of the Wii and 360 in 2 months...

SWORDF1SH3596d ago

no no no no. bbc is very reliable. one of the most reliable source of news in the world. they might not excel in the games news department il admit that but the certainly are not anti ps3. i cant believe the word anti ps3 is being thrown around so much this gen. some of you guys need to grow up.

reelife3596d ago

Can't see it in ps3 store, nor do they say anything about it in the news :/

Anon19743596d ago

Has he been living under a rock? While the Wii is still certainly way out front, largely do to it's price, the PS3 has been selling neck and neck with the 360 for 2 years now at the higher price point. Sure you can get a 360 for cheaper, that's nothing new, but it really hasn't stopped people from picking up the PS3 now, has it? 17 million sold in 2 years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at the 2 year point I think the 360 had only sold 13 million.

SWORDF1SH3596d ago

whats is wrong with that statement. the last couple of months of the 360 price cut as opened the gap that sony was closing. over the last 2 years since the ps3 launch it roughly is neck and neck

thereapersson3596d ago

Sony themselves said that they were cautious about stating that HOME will sell systems. That quote at the end is saying nothing new that Sony already knows.