Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Series X Performance vs Quality Comparison

Full details on the differences that can be found in this Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Series X comparison of the multiple options from a visual or tech analysis angle. This includes a two way split of options from the game.

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4Sh0w49d ago

Yeah 60 for me, I dont even see the difference really.

49d ago
gravedigger49d ago

Looks good, but i see a bunch of pop ins

Notellin49d ago

No you didn't bot account.

ChunkyHD49d ago

Tbf I'm not even one minute in (About 50s), and there was an invisible fence that appears out of nowhere on the right-hand side after he crested the hill. Would have thought it should have been rendered further away (even if at a lower quality).

MazeRunner49d ago

tell me what game doesnt have any kind of pop ups, ill wait

DJStotty49d ago


I had to really search for that fence, chances are if you would not have mentioned it, i would never have seen it.

But lets gloss over the quality of the game, and let's zero in and focus on that fence, the developers must be shocking to not pick that up and fix, the game should be delayed due to that, unacceptable. /s

mcstorm49d ago

Funny that the 1st thing he says is this is not the final build at the beginning yet people still call out things like this on beta.

gravedigger49d ago


Pop ins are very visible, so, cut the crap and stop making some excuses for Xbox

gravedigger49d ago


There are other previews videos too. Look at video below. Bunch of pop ins in performance mode on both platform.


How about to check other preview videos and see pop-ups

Road to volcano :

ChunkyHD48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Saw it on the first watch. Guess some people are just more susceptible to it. I'm not saying it's a big deal; but more as a response to Notellins dismissive comment to a criticism that isn't completely unfounded.

I found it quite jarring and obvious; Been playing, and will continue to play the FH series; only want the best for it. You're kind of straw-manning me there; never said it was a big deal and was a mild criticism. Even OP said that it looks good.

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chronoforce49d ago

Next you are going to tell us the shadow maps cascade.

darkrider49d ago

They weren't able to reach the 60 frames on quality mode. They were tryng.

CaptainHenry91649d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Curious to see how the PC version looks. Native 4K 60fps with Raytracing