Xbox 360 tops teen's Xmas most wanted

Habbo poll of over 4,500 teenagers show games consoles, and Xbox 360 in particular, are the most sought after gifts this Xmas.

A poll conducted amongst residents of teenage virtual world favourite Habbo has shown that games consoles are the most sought after present for teens this Christmas – and the Xbox 360 leads the crowd.

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ganaeshd3600d ago

It should read "Xbox 360 tops North American teen's Xmas most wanted". Stop generalizing that all teenagers all over world want an Xbox360 when 90% of all services for this console is restricted to North America only. Maybe I'm being anal, but I don't care.

Capt CHAOS3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

The journalism on this website goes from bad to misleading to deceptive..

BUT.. "..90% of all services for this console".. NO ideas where you get your facts from, You're either a PS3 owner or you're just a p1ssed off xbox owner who want's netflix..

Ahh.. I see from your comment history, you're a fanboy..