New PSN Store Sale "Games Under $20" Now Live Until Oct. 28, Over 190 Discounted Items

Sony has also launched the new PSN Store sale "Games Under $20" that pops up from time to time. Over 190 games discounted and listed here.

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FallenAngel198455d ago

Stop with all the sales Sony. My wallet can’t take this much temptation

On a side a note imagine being able to get multiple first party Nintendo games under $20

DreadHealer55d ago

Two sales launch in one day and all that while they had two other big sales with hundreds of games each.

With PlayStation all you have to do is wishlist the game you want and wait for them to go on sale.

DeusFever54d ago

And that’s exactly what Sony wants you to do. $$$$

54d ago
excaliburps54d ago

Yep. It's weird how there's a sale almost every week. LOL! There really is no need to buy a game at launch for full price other than avoiding spoilers.

darthv7254d ago

I been meaning to try that super stardust vr as I do enjoy the non vr ones. So that looks like a good deal.

Nakiro54d ago

Feels so good to find that one game you've been waiting on at 80% off. Spent around $100(CDN) last night and bought over 15 games.