ArenaNet, Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain announces new studio called Possibility Space

ArenaNet and Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain announces a new studio named Possibility Space. This team is starting out with veterans from Electronic Arts, Oculus, Ubisoft and more.

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DreadHealer46d ago

Is starting new studios some kind of tax write off? I keep seeing people who formed small studios founding new small studios.

gravedigger46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

So, now that's like two XGS acquired Studio Heads leaving in around two weeks: Arkane Lyon and Undead Labs. Looks like everything is fine at Xbox

DreadHealer46d ago

Interesting, pretty much all the Sony employees who Microsoft poached have returned to Sony as well.

It seems like things are kind of a mess over there. Perhaps it takes more than just money to run studios and make great games?

gravedigger46d ago

Yeah. You can check The Initiative LinkedIn employee profiles. Bunch of them returned to Sony studios.

Atom66645d ago

Spoiler: There will be more.

Why? Because they're rationale adults.

Whether it's a founder or a higher-level executive, these acquisitions mean anyone with equity shares in their respective companies likely became quite well-off financially after the buyouts.

If I were them, my ass would be gone too. Maybe they go start something new that lets them work from home the way they want. Maybe they decide to retire early.

Good on them for busting their ass to earn themselves that luxury of those options. It's what most people work to achieve.

mkis00744d ago

I think this is why, to me at least, the xbox aquisitions were mostly just IP aquisitions. They may have acquired the developer, but what they were after was the ip's.

With playststions aquisitions, I feel they were after the talent itself. This is proven with the fact that they already own the ip's of the devs they have aquired. ( exception being sunset overdrive)