Fable II DLC gets firm release date

VG247: Lionhead has confirmed today that the Knothole Island downloadable content will be available to download from December 22, and not December 12 as previously published.

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Mr PS33602d ago

Is Gonna Buy This Crap

sit down droid3602d ago

people wjo bought the game of the year contender. thats who! u dum sh1t. still crying after the magnificent flop that was resistance of the sh1tter 2

Pebz3602d ago

“It is 22nd December,” said the rep. “I believe one site stated 12th which was a mistake, and as with all these sort of things it got some traction. We always said mid December.”

Well, technically 12th December is "mid December" while 22nd December is "late December". Annoying when PR people spin the simplest of "it got delayed" into "you're too stupid for simple math anyway".