Final Fantasy XIV Is Now the Most Profitable Game in Series History, Overtaking Final Fantasy XI

Ed writes: Final Fantasy XIV is now the most profitable title in Final Fantasy history, surpassing the game's big MMORPG brother, Final Fantasy XI.

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TheRealTedCruz51d ago

I mean, you would hope a successful MMO that has both a retail cost, then a subscription fee, would eventually be the most profitable entry to the series. And there's a lot more people gaming then even when XI was around.

TheColbertinator50d ago

Microtransactions too like character passes and exclusive store gear.

slowgamer50d ago

I'm not going to buy games which has monthly fee. I would feel too obligated to play it all the time. Otherwise I'd be interested in playing. Though mmorpgs take all the time in the world, I'd rather play multiple games instead.

gamer780450d ago

i tried ffxiv and it was decent, but i honestly preferred XI other than what it took to find a party. I've also been spoiled by most mmo's that dont have a monthly fee, i'd much rather pay for other stuff, and not keep paying whenever i take a break from the game, or feel obligated to have to play it because i'm paying monthly, i agree.

Bobertt50d ago

You can play the base game and the first expansion which is even better and long for free without a subscription. They have a free trial you just have some social functions restricted. It's basically a free game and if you like it then you can pay monthly for the other expansions.

PapaBop50d ago

FF14's success is great for the industry, a game that started out so so badly that was given the treatment many fans would only wish some franchises were given (Anthem anyone?) and it's gone from strength to strength and last time I checked, has a higher subscriber count than WoW.