Why Didn't Square Enix Port The Kingdom Hearts Collection To Switch?

One announcement that appears to have upset and confused many fans during the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate final fighter broadcast was the reveal of the cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts for the Nintendo Switch.

As much as this decision "sucks", Nightdive Studios and Limited Run developer, Modern Vintage Gamer, has attempted to shed some light on the decision-making that might have gone on behind the scenes - suggesting ports of 1.5 and 2.5 would take Square Enix a lot of time, effort, and money, and that the financial return may not necessarily be worthwhile.

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Knightofelemia46d ago

Still waiting on a physical KH port for Xbox normally with games they fill up the cart then drop a digital code for the other game or collection. FFX does it the game is on the cart and X-2 is digital only I know the RE Collection also does the same I think Handsome Jack and Bioshock also follow that path as well. In away I see where Square is coming from print up all those carts just to have the game not make a financial return. I like KH if there was a Switch physical release I would grab it to collect I would also grab a physical port on Xbox as well I went out of my way just to snag up FFX on various other platforms.

princejb13445d ago

You know what’s really not going to get them a financial return, if people don’t pay for this.
Either physical or digital or nothing. No one all for this cloud bs