Wrestle Respawn – Five Wrestlers You Don’t Want To Play As In Wrestling Games

Retro Respawn is up and this week Gaming Respawn talk about the wrestlers nobody wants to be in wrestling games.

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BrainSyphoned45d ago

Marko Stunt better be OP :) and Taz, I could go for some old school Taz action.

Dandizzle45d ago

I played a tremendous amount of Wrestlemania 2000 and Show No Mercy. I remember playing as all of Mick Foley's characters, all good stuff.

jonny89745d ago

You can win titles by selecting anyone. You just need to be good at playing and master their moves.

Petebloodyonion45d ago

Hamed Johnson in WWF Warzone
I remember that we used to have a winner pick the loser character match and no one wanted to play with Hamed Johnson despite the stipulation and this was even more true when it was one of my black friends who were stuck with him (Faarooq was the man).