Microsoft: "[Home] feels like 2005 tech in 2008"

Speaking with Kotaku, Microsoft's Group Product Manager for Xbox 360 Aaron Greenberg shared his opinion on PlayStation Home, expressing that it feels outdated and there is a "huge gap" in the quality of Home when compared to Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

"I think we have seen people are willing to pay for the premium experience," Greenberg said. "When they compare Live, even to Home, there is still a huge gap."

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TheHater3602d ago

I don't see Sony or Nintendo PR person bashing the competition. This is why I hate MS at Times.

solidjun53602d ago

he just bashes. I might assume that he's actually Bladestar with the amount of spinning and bashing he does.

chewy3173602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

he has got to be joking with home psn will be superior.

even if it was a 2005 tech, a 2005 tech is better than NOTHING

oh and by saying home is 2005 tech, aint the 360 released on 2005, the 360is there fore is out dated too.

titntin3602d ago


If it weren't for the fact I like many games on the 360, I would having nothing to do with them. In every way its poissible for me to despise a company I despise them, their marketing methods and their buisness ethics. There has never been any other company thats been found guilty so many times of anti-competitive practices - and this is everywhere in the world.

Still, I love gaming and play 360, so I have to hear this BS - but I do wish they'd all crawl under a rock and die horribly.. :)

MaximusPrime3602d ago

totally agreed with you, TheHater

anh_duong3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

in other words: expect to see the same thing on ms platforms soon.

but seriously, aaron has no choice but say this because he is quizzed daily by his supervisors on the console market. he has no choice but talk home down. if he didn't then the way ms works he will probably be out of a job (i.e. why didn't he think of it). ms takes no prisoners be that competition or underperforming staff.

- Ghost of Sparta -3602d ago

Does this Aaron Greenturd ever shut up?

SL1M DADDY3602d ago

MS hires fanboys. Better yet, they give them corporate salaries. Maybe they should hold a job fair here at N4G?

rockleex3602d ago

Oh wait, it IS 2005 tech in 2008.

It doesn't even work either.


ultimolu3602d ago

At times?

This is why I hate them, period. Don't like their tactics, their PR's or the way they talk trash.

Hearing him is putting me off from getting a 360.

Nineball21123602d ago

That comment by him is very telling.

Microsoft is feeling the pressure from Home and they don't have anything similar. They realize that it is a product "selling" point. No, I don't think that it will sell PS3's on it's own, BUT it is something extra that Sony has that Microsoft doesn't.

And he knows that. And it obviously eats him up.

It's the classic "protest too much" scenario.


To "protest too much" is to insist so strongly about something not being true that people begin to suspect maybe it is true. Example: "You do like that girl, don't you?" Answer: "No! I don't! Not at all! Why do you think so?" Reply: "You protest too much." "Protest too much" comes from Hamlet by William Shakespeare; the Queen speaking: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." (Note: people do not usually use the word "methinks" when they are speaking English today.) To "protest too much" is to insist so passionately about something not being true that people suspect the opposite of what you are saying. Example: "Do you think he is telling the truth?" Answer: "I think he protests too much."

I think that sums up Aaron Greenburg's little rant.

candystop3602d ago

Sony did the same thing for years if dreamcast rings a bell so get your facts right. ALso I'm glad somebody's speaking up on Home and calling it what it is. You guys are always all over bad 360 news but want to have little p_ss_ fit's anytime someone tells it like it is about the almighty PS3 lol...bunch of hypocrites

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

What is so brilliant about xBox LIVE then MicroSoft???
I have been enjoying PSN + HOME for FREE and it does all i want very well.
HOME is the Future;) It looks Futuristic to.

Bet you any money that a Copy-cat version comes out next year from MicroSoft
(+It won't be as good to, SONY do it better) ;)

rockleex3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I'm sorry that Sony took Sega out of the console race.

But please tell me where Sony EVER talked down on Sega.

If you can find that information, please enlighten the rest of us.

Anyways, at the most, Sony only talks about their own plans and their own tech. Most of the time, whenever they mention competition, they always give complements.

Also, why do people like you always associate Microsoft's business tactics with Sony? Just because Sony was topdog for the last two generations it automatically makes them just as evil as Microsoft?

Its almost as if people like you have been waiting till Sony lost its topdog position just so you can kick it while its down. Such bitterness. If videogames make you so bitter, I suggest you find other hobbies.

ultimolu3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


I think most people are extremely happy that the PS3 are in 3rd place and they'll be even more happy if they (Sony) dropped out. That's exactly what I was thinking all along.

There's no denying that Sony did make mistakes. *BUT* there are a lot of things they have done right this generation.

Sony isn't being complemented on the things they've done right. They're being bashed to death for the things they did wrong and at times it's ridiculous and unfair.

ape0073602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

don't let me act like a fanboy

cause if I DO,I'll destroy you

don't mess with the ape

comments like that are totally stupid,ms you should talk about games that gonna compete with ps3 in 2009,or,are you competing with WII in 2009?

ms I want you to fix gears 2 and I want sc:convection and alan wake to be awesome,stop messing around

are they hopeless?

BigPappaPump3602d ago

Fatman Greenberg needs to STHU and just focus on his system instead of sweating the competition like an insecurly obsessed girlfriend.

SixTwoTwo3602d ago

"You guys are always all over bad PS3 news but want to have little p_ss_ fit's anytime someone tells it like it is about the almighty 360 lol"

See what I did there. It goes both ways dude get over it.

solidt123602d ago

Yeah I always hear MS bashing the competition but I hardly ever hear Nintendo or Sony bashing MS directly.

morganfell3602d ago

Nineball you are dead on. Every time they get worried about something, Greenberg and Mattrick come out of the woodwork like a couple of maggots and start vomiting at the mouth. The amount of vomitus is directly proportional to the worry.

Kuest3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You all look so happy to just cuddle around each other, with your slumber sleeping bags, and have a nice fireside chat about Microsoft. My God, he must be like the cutest guy in school.

The Killer3602d ago

wait, didnt xbox live was released in 2001?? hmmmmmmmm..
wait, isnt their new avatar have so many flows and a copy cat of Mii's? hmmmmmm
thats strange for sure, to hear something like this from MS when they have that much old tech them selfs!!

Genesis53602d ago

Said the man with the 1998 storage media.

callahan093602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Yeah, I agree, I get really sick of this, too. Especially Greenberg in particular. This guy just won't quit running his mouth. I never see Sony or Nintendo reps harping on the many things they could harp about with their competition. Not once has a Sony or Nintendo rep brought up the RROD. You know that if it was the PS3 that had the RROD issue, these Microsoft jackasses would be harping on it like it was their job (well, it probably WOULD be there job!)

gaffyh3602d ago

LMAO again Aaron "The Orc" Greenburg opens his mouth and says something stupid. This guy is a serious retard, his job is to slag off the other companies.

MS' PR team really need to learn to STFU, they don't realise that these stupid bouts of verbal diarrhoea from their PR team hurts them more than it helps them.

The Lazy One3602d ago

there are actually a lot of companies in the history of the US that have done a lot worse than M$ as far as being anti-competitive.

the Edison Electric Illuminating Company for example.

D3acon3602d ago

Has he got an advance copy of the finish product Home? I mean this is still a beta and from what I understand we are barely experiencing half the stuff that will be in the final product and we are mostly just stress testing.

And being in the beta since launch I can tell you that there has been a extreme feeling of community, the only thing I would say is lacking is content which is obviously being delivered as Home is preparing to go live

SWORDF1SH3602d ago

wow, kotaku and aaron, this will make for some unbiased gaming news. ms need to get a life. was sony slaggin off nxe when it was released. im sure they could of. why do people like ms with attitude. dont get me wrong i think the 360 is a good console but why do people support a company with an attitude like this and are openly tryin to destroy the ps3 and monopolize the console market. whats your reason for hatin sony, because theyre arrogant, g-sus.

Milky Joe3602d ago

360 feels like 1945 hardware in 2008... Is what I'd say if I was feeling nasty, but I'm not so I will just continue to pity this man and his little mind. I bet everything's so much simpler in his world.

MNicholas3602d ago

They get money from advertisers to put in themed games which are simple and fun to play, yet totally free. Just look at the red bull flying game. Like Wii sports, you'd never pay $60 for it but it's awesome when its free. Now imagine dozens such games. Flying, driving, skiing, whatever etc, all free! It's a win win situation.

With Xbox live, consumers pay a fortune (hundreds of dollars over the life of the console) yet they get a less reliable service with fewer features. Only Microsoft wins while consumers lose.

Megatron083602d ago

Home is doomed to failure. Doesnt matter how much fanboys on here rant and cry and act like its the greatest thing ever. Lets face it ps3 is the most hardcore system there is. Seriously how many of you fanboys on here actually sit around playing sims or barbies play house all day long ?

pathetic fanboys3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

one of your best comments yet. why would microsoft hold ajob fair on this pathetic site, when it's crawling with sony fanboys??? some of the most shameless and pathetic individuals i've seen on any site

it's beggers belief reading some of the comments on here. everyone hates microsoft for bashing sony, yet every sdf member on here flocks o every thread with religous sony zeal to attack the 360 at every oppertunity. quality stuff.

sony doesn't need to bash anybody, they have their own private unpaid army of zealot/sheep to bash their competition for them.

MAiKU3602d ago

Well the only difference between him and the user pp, is that he gets paid to say really stupid and unfounded stuff.

prowiew3602d ago

Sony needs people like him. I would welcome some guy from sony saying something like " 360 is te worst reliable product in recent history", but no. Sony people are quiet all the time. I miss kutagari.

yojoe263602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

greenburg shutup! shutup, shutup, shutup!!!! This is why I wouldn't mind at ALL to see microcrap go down hard and stay down. They are a detestable, arrogant company who absolutely refuses to give credit where credit is due. On top of all that they have complete utter useless morons like this guy working for them. I......HATE.......YOU......MIC ROSOFT!! Try for once...just try mind shut your collective mouths like sony does and do your own thing rather than bashing your competition for everything thing they do whether good or bad. If you idiots at microsoft spent half as much time working on new IPs and development studios you'd be the king of gaming instead a bunch of useless rich people with fat mouths and inflated egos.

monkpunk13602d ago

I saw this guy in the mall at around lunchtime the other day. He was trying to invite people back to his summer house... i refused as i feared my bottom would have been attacked by him.

Kuest3602d ago

punk. You're supposed to be gracious and kind, *and* unassuming. Let yourself go to the man's house.


cherrypie3602d ago

Like heck they dont. Sony is always talking smack.

And, he's right, Home is *way* past the "3D dollhouse" bubble.

Ask yourself: How much time do you spend in Second Life? Why?

Then ask, Why did **GOOGLE** just shut down its 3D Dollhouse,

Then, you'll know exactly why Home is 2005 tech.

Timesplitter143602d ago

155 agree's, man. That's pretty epic

JD_Shadow3602d ago

So, if it wasn't alright for Sony to "take Sega out of the race" in that manner you described, then why is it alright for MS to do the same now?

Danja3602d ago

except that M$ is in no position to be taking ne one out the console war , they currently have the cheapest console on the market yet they they can only outsell the PS3 in America..

the PS3 has actually outsold the 360 2 years in a row worldwide now..and will continue to do so...

IcarusOne3602d ago

But so be it. I just checked out Home for the first time. And I was so bored I almost started crying.

This was one of those things that got me excited about the PS3 when I first heard about it. YEARS AGO. But I have to agree with this assessment: Home already feels outdated. First off, it's Second Life. Inside of my first thirty minutes I saw a cybersex hook-up in the Bowling Alley. Classy. Now, I have no interest in Second Life and I guess I have no interest in meandering around a virtual world to see all the virtual sh*t that people are doing with their virtual lives.

There was an article not long ago detailing the main difference between the NXE and Home: NXE is a front end whereas Home is a socializing tool. It's almost impossible to compare the two. I love my NXE because it puts all my relevant wants and needs at my finger tips. Admittedly, it might be a little confusing to navigate now and then, but for the most part, I haven't had any problems with it. I love Mii's, and the new design is refreshing. Plus when all else fails, the trusty blades are waiting for me at the press of a button.

Home on the other hand is, like I said, meant for socializing more than anything. Frankly, I have no interest in socializing in the digital realm. I have my friends list and those are the people I play with because I know them, know that they're good to play with, and trust them not to call me names that I don't already think are funny. But all the incessant walking, interacting, mindless, and soul-numbing distractions just made me crave an easier interface. I haven't really checked out The Mall yet, but I have a feeling when I do, it's going to just make me miss the PS Store or XBL. Unless it turns out The Mall is a place where you buy your avatar clothes and such. In which case, I absolutely don't care about it at all.

Home may be free, but Sony's not going to pass up on all the nice and tasty opportunities to market the hell out of it and make you buy things for your apartment or avatar. They will make up the cost difference some how. To all those of you out there who think of Sony as some Father Christmas corporation, dedicated to the betterment of entertainment and mankind, wake up. They're a company and just like MS, they want to make money. And lots of it.

I really don't see what's so amazing about Home at all. It feels outdated. And it feels like a waste of my time. I'll keep wandering though, in the hopes that Sony has created something cool here. I want to use my PS3. I want to like my PS3. I really, really do.

I do have to admit...playing pool was kind of cool. I won four games in a row. =)

0verdrive3602d ago

you said yourself that home cannot be compared to nxe, and i totally agree.

but you go on saying that its useless that it makes you want an easier interface blah blah. then use it! the xmb is STILL the main UI for the ps3, home is just, as you said, a social application, and if you dont want to use it, then dont. the xmb works perfectly fine, and its probably faster and more efficient than the nxe(sans the blades, if you are already accustomed to it).

on the other hand, i have to argue that home is not "boring to tears". its not a GAME, its not meant to hold your interest hours on end. it gives you a chance to meet people, and it has a buncha minigames to break the ice with. i actually found it pretty neat, and although it wasnt awe-inspiring, it is pretty fun to meet up with real life friends in a 3d environment.

and why do you complain about having to buy stuff for your apt/avatar? just like home is COMPLETELY optional, buying things for your avatar are COMPLETELY optional. the nice thing is that sony is giving you a CHOICE in the matter. they are just trying to make money off of their online service, and i think that its a pretty subtle and efficient way of doing it, rather than the nxe sticking adds in your face.

i urge everyone to give home a shot. its got a lot of things going for it

JD_Shadow3601d ago

@Danja: Tell me about it. That and Sony didn't exactly DO as candy advertised. Sega lost it's relevance as a console manufacturer that they Dreamcast didn't really have enough support going for it to save the company. Sony really didn't have to do anything to it because Sega ended up not being able to stay supportive for one of their systems for long.

@IcarusOne: I have an issue with you saying that you have no interest in socializing in the digital realm. You know HOW to EXPAND your list of friends beyond what you already have? By getting out there and meeting new people. That's what Home is all about, and so far, it's doing exactly as advertised. Also, for the most part, all of the PS3 users I met on there are pretty nice going and are willing to meet new people. I only had one bad experience in the entire time in the closed and open beta of Home (this guy seemed to have not want me hanging around the pool table he was at and was telling me (at least I think he was talking to me) to "go somewhere else" and then continued to chastise whoever it was, me or whomever, afterward), but that was it. Everything else has been really good. Far from what I've heard people on XBL are like sometimes. So yeah, I take issue with that part. I think you completely missed the point of Home.

@THE ARTICLE: Aaron Greenberg sounds like a desperate man from this.

insomnium3601d ago

Hate M$. It's been like this since the announcement of the PS3 and it still goes on....

I'm disgusted by the fact so many people still support them. If Sony was like this I would hate them too.

rockleex3601d ago

Kotaku, Greenberg, and all you 360 fanboys look so happy to just cuddle around each other, with your slumber sleeping bags, and have a nice fireside chat about Sony. My God, he must be like the cutest guy in school.

See what I did there? Easy stuff. ^_^

cRaZyLeGs 933601d ago

lol how bcan he say that? now, my opinion on ms has changed. (i play 360 a lot) played home this morning, its too funny!

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beavis4play3602d ago

a console that still uses a standard dvd drive is out-dated tech.

Sarcasm3602d ago

lol Year 2000 tech in a 2006 console.

Bnet3433602d ago

Well to be fair, it is a 12x DVD drive which I doubt there were any in 2000 so ... but you're are still right, DVD is kind of old but so is HD, that has been around for 40 years.

anh_duong3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

10x speed dvd drives have been around since 1999

note even then they had slot loading in dvd drives

MazzingerZ3602d ago

Not just that, but a power brick of the size of a winter shoe, old fashioned disc tray, not touch sensitive, it doesn't support HDMI 1.3 (no True HD sound), no optical output, no built-in wi-fi, no web browser

If someone would tell me the PS3 is to be launched this year or even next year, I would believe it, the design is just amazing and really well thought, Kutaragi is a genius.

SW can always be updated/patched. HW don't.

pixelsword3602d ago

...So Greenbreak is one to talk.

SaiyanFury3602d ago

Yeah MS really does love to knock on Sony. I never see Sony or Nintendo bashing the competition by name. MS really does have many mouthpieces employed don't they. There's a Japanese saying I'm reminded of when thinking about MS: "The weaker dog barks more". Enough said.

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Johnny Rotten3602d ago

Seriously, when your company is doing well aren't you supposed act humble?

Cenobia3602d ago

They must be trying to live it up while they can.

There's really no excuse for being douchebags about it though.

VampHuntD3602d ago

Rep1: HOME is out!
Rep2: What?
Rep1: That Sony service
Rep2: Do we have anything like it?
Rep1: Nope
Rep2: Then we only have one option, trash talk it and then while doing so figure out how to implement it.
Rep1: Duh! It's what we did with Miis and Disc Installs!

Kleptic3602d ago

he's protecting his job...nothing more...

he has to talk poorly about competition in this sense, because he was 100% outsmarted...he also clearly doesn't even know what Home is or how it compares to he is clearly making a distinction between XBL and Home as if Home is the entire PSN...

don't worry about it...MS knows they have absolutely nothing comparable to Home...but whats even funnier is that they are inadvertently advertising Home by trashing it like this...Home is a 3D message board basically, with attachments to gaming and things like Myspace/facebook...its not strictly a unified gaming network like XBL, or PSN, for that matter...XBL has no built in community features similar to this AT ALL...this guy should have just pointed out that Home might not have features that gamers are looking for...not that it's 'old tech', which is just asking for being ridiculed when the console you represent is the xbox 360...

pay close attention to the 360 and XBL over the next them put a big push towards the casual market (the Mii like things are the first step in that direction)...and they are going to fail miserably, and this guy will arguably be at the wheel...

Craig David3602d ago

Go MS tell that has been company.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"I think we have seen people are willing to pay for the premium experience," Greenberg said.

i.e -

"I think we have seen Brain-DEAD idiots are willing to pay for the premium experience, they are SOOOOOOO Stupid, you can get 99% of this stuff for FREE if you own a PS3"
Greenberg(That is what Greenberg was thinking to himself)said.


What MUGS you xBot Zombie Cavemen Lemmings are!!! ;-D

Kill Crow3602d ago

buy a RROD-FAIL-box, and subscribe to an online service with gh3y Avatards ... than buy a high quality PS3 with blue ray player and free PSN and HOME ...

What does that say exactly?

just what does it mean?

rucky3602d ago

Paaaasss the doobie on the left hand side

ravinshield3602d ago

you'll finally have somewhere to live in

MAiKU3602d ago

Comparing home to XBL is like comparing a guy with an awesome apartment to a hobo sleeping in some dangy fantasy cardboard box.

InfectedDK3602d ago

Nooooooooo no no please!
How stupid can they be..
Atleast they could say that Home is an ok future and just show some respect and move on.. Really are all that believes in them retards? Sorry but really.. WTF. And do MS think that people buys their sh!t? Apparently.. But some day soon they will loose if they continue like that.. Only small children talks like that.. Im really entertained by that comment! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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Mr PS33602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

All the BoTs and This Greenburger BoT Guy
Can Kiss My Ass
Your opinion means Sh!T
Faulty Goods were so Last Century
And you make a comment about Home Being 2005 tech
Come Back GreenBot when the Failure ratio of that RRoDBoX is up to Scratch with the PS3 and then your opinions on Home Might Be Worth a Damm
Oh And DVD's went out with BetamaX
Talk about OutDated
The 360 Belongs in the Bin

Keele3602d ago


Get with the times Sony, GET WITH THE TIMES.

Kain813602d ago

than you must live in the past, cause you use a DVD^^